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A testimony from Ms. Prabh Kaur , Mapúa University, B.S. Civil Engineering 2020 graduate.

March 26, 2020
(At the height of Covid-19 crisis)
CONGRATULATIONS NEIL BALTAZAR for being hired as Physical Plant, Transportation Supervisor and Safety by International School of Kuwait (ISK)

O3GHSE O&G, Class Coalescer
Neil is a Drafting graduate of Guzman Institute of Technology, 1987.
He hails from Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.

Congratulations to our participant Kane Villarin!
“Good evening Sir Ronnie! I’m here in Brunei now, I’ve been working here since last September 2019. We are a contractor of Brunei Shell Petroleum.
Finally using my learnings from our training into good use.
It is very convenient for me and I get to go home every 2 months. We’re on a 60-30 rotation here.
Thank you Sir for the knowledge!” –
Company: Hycotech Sdn Bhd., Malaysia
Kane Villarin, OGHSE O&G 2018, Class Gas Hydrates

Congratulations Edgar Lacsa II, Class Refractory, 2017
Approved Safety Supervisor by Saudi Aramco
Project: Al Ajyal Project.
B.S. Industrial Technology

2020: Saudi Arabian Oil Company is building Ajyal Community of Excellence Project (ACEP) in South of Dhahran, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.
The project covers the construction of 8,521 housing units spread over 10,000 sq m.

2020: Saudi Aramco is one of the largest companies in the world by revenue, and the most profitable company in the world.

Saudi Aramco has both the world’s second-largest proven crude oil reserves, at more than 270 billion barrels and second-largest daily oil production. – Ref. Bloomberg News

By O3GHSE O&G Research Team

O3GHSE O&G participant hired for a high post in a MEGA PROJECT estimated cost of USD17 billion in the Philippines! (They are accepted even in a non oil and gas projects.)

CONGRATULATIONS Charlie Crisostomo, Class Pyrophoric scale

2020: Started as HSE Manager for Jacobs Engineering Inc. (USA).
The New Manila International Airport, in Bulakan, Bulacan, 35 kms north of the city of Manila.

Owner: Government of the Philippines
Operator: San Miguel Aerocity Inc.

By O3GHSE O&G Research Team

Congratulations to our participant Mr. DAVID TAMAH from Nigeria. He successfully passed the stringent international interview with a UAE’s AL ASAB Gen. Contracting Company for ADNOC* gas projects, United Arab Emirates.

He also currently passed client’s assessment. He is now ADNOC Approved HSE Officer. This is a big career achievement as HSE Officer!

*ADNOC is Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
UAE ranks world’s 6th in the oil and gas reserves.

David Tamah is Class Triassic Age, 2019.

Jay is truly an inspiration.



From Noel Javal –
“There is no any training center in the Philippines that could give accurate, reliable, concrete, specific and powerful knowledge about oil ang gas field. I gained power, knowledge and great confidence through O3GHSE O&G. Thanks to Engr. Ronnie. More power!” –
Noel Javal, 42 y/o, BSME, Adamson University, Manila, Philippines (Class Quench Drum)

Engr. Noel Javal – Hired as Senior Safety Officer at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s latest Gas Plant to come on-stream (Jubail, KSA).
Company : Poly-Tech Maintenance and Industrial Operations, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Just learned (July 31, 2019) –
Congratulations Engr. Chris Nilayan, BSME, Class Gas Blanket

April 2019: Hired as HSE ENGINEER by Al Asab Contracting Company (EPC) for ‘ASAB AND SAHIL TIE-IN PROJECTS’ in the Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Asab Oil Field is an oil field 84 km north west of Abu Dhabi city. 
Discovered :1965
✓ Proven reserves: approx. 3.6 billion bbls
✓Daily production: 450 mbpd

✓Operator: ADNOC ONSHORE, formerly Abu Dhabi Onshore Oil Operating Company, a.k.a. ADCO

By O3GHSE O&G Research Team

“An oil and gas training center which is a combination of Heart, Soul & Experience (HSE) where we convert theory into practice”

O3GHSE O&G, Class DHNG 2017
Just newly informed now. (July 18, 2019)
CONGRATULATIONS EUGINE A. PEREZ, direct hired by Aramco, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hired as Field Compliance Coordinator, Dhahran office since 2017.
Class DHNG, 2017

From Eugine:
“By the way Sir, I am now working direct with Aramco as Field Compliance Coordinator. I’m with IT operations and maintenance.”

By O3GHSE O&G Research Team

O3GHSE O&G Training Center wish to thank State Trading Organization for giving us their full trust with us.

We are offered to train all their staff.

Course titles: 



Training will be held in Maldives.

O3GHSE O&G Training Center

Our training modules will now be included in the curriculum of the senior and graduating students of MAPÚA UNIVERSITY

Mapúa University thru O3GHSE O&G Training Center will incorporate UPSTREAM INDUSTRY Oil and Gas Track (Elective) the OIL AND GAS PROCESS, LNG (GAS LIQUEFACTION PROCESS), SULPHUR RECOVERY PROCESS AND CLIMATE CHANGE COURSE (in accordance with Kyoto Protocol and Montreal Protocol)

All modules are exclusively designed by O3GHSE O&G
Engr. Ronnie Marfori Dagal, 
B.S.M.E., Mapua Institute of Technology, now Mapua University.

Class Permian Oil

O3GHSE O&G Training Center
Texas, USA: “Permian Basin is a large oil & natural gas producing area, part of the Mid-Continent Oil Producing Area.
Total production was up to more than 15 billion barrels in the beginning of 1993.” – Wiki

By O3GHSE O&G Research Team

The International Oil and Gas Process (LNG Process, NGLs, SRU) and HSE

(Attended by Engineers & Mathematician)

Weekend June 1, 2, 8 & 9
Participants of Class Zirku Island and Class Tar Sands
1. Engr. Harold A. Lopez, 25 y/o, BSME, TUP – Technological University of the Philippines

2. Engr. Vic Pablo, 30 y/o, BSCE, Pangasinan State University
3. Mathematician Dindo Aunario, 40 y/o, University of the Philippines [Class Tar Sands]

Their Class names are taken from –
The Canada’s tar sands in Athabasca is a large deposits of extremely heavy crude oil a.k.a. bitumen. It is located in northeastern Alberta.
It’s total oil reserves is 1.7 TRILLION BARRELS of oil beating Orinoco bitumen in Venezuela!

B. CLASS ZIRKU ISLAND – for Upper Zakum Oilfield
Zirku Island is an oil and gas treatment facility, located in the coastal waters of the emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
It is the principal production hub for the world’s 4th largest hydrocarbon reservoir, Upper Zakum oilfield.

The Upper Zakum Oilfield is approximately 84 kms offshore to the north-west of Abu Dhabi islands, has an estimated 50 billion barrels of oil reserves.
The field currently produces and processed 640,000 barrels of oil a day (bpd).

FIVE (5) YEARS IN THE MAKING TO ATTEND O3GHSE O&G Training Center, Philippines

THANKS ENGR. DAVID TAMAH for coming to Philippines JUST to attend O3GHSE O&G-PECB, Canada’s International Oil and Gas Process, LNG, NGLs, SRU & HSE training course.

TRAVELING 16 HOURS JUST TO LEARN Oil and Gas Process, LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas, NGLs/Condensates, Sulphur Recovery and HSE.
With focus on international protocols i.e. Montreal with emphasis on Kigali Accord and Kyoto with emphasis on Paris Agreement.

From David: 
“I waited for 5 long years to attend O3GHSE O&G
training. I preferred O3GHSE O&G than X_bosh oil and gas, I learned what I expect to learn from the Well zones to CPP/GOSP to Crude Terminal to other processes like the most interesting Gas Liquefaction down to Sulphur Recovery and all processes in between, including the latest trend in the Environment issues. These are very valuable to engineer’s career. Thank you Sir!”

Flight travel info –
From his country of Nigeria, stopping over in Dubai, UAE is 8 hours then Dubai to Manila is another 8 hours. A total of 16 hours flight excluding stopovers.
Fyi –
✓ Nigeria is no. 10 in world’s top OIL reserves at 37.2 billion barrels.
✓ No. 9 in GAS reserves at 182 trillion cubic feet.
✓ No. 4 LNG exporter in the world at 18 TPA

Engr. David Tamah chose O3GHSE O&G to learn fully the LNG process and the whole processes involved.
He is the HSE Focal Point at Provast Limited, Nigeria and a graduate of Electronics & Communication Engineer at Enugu State University of Science & Technology (ESUT), Nigeria.

O3GHSE O&G gave a 3-hour Oil and Gas lecture for Petroleum Technology students. 
A. Origin of Fossil Fuels
B. Fossil Fuels in the Philippines
C. Marsh gas
D. Hoax Deuterium Reserves
E. Kyoto Protocol, UNFCC & Kigali Accord
F. Information on Gasification, Fischer-Tropsch & GTL

“In this simple and meek place where our participant got his training in mid 2018.
Now he is joining tomorrow SHELL-BRUNEI as HSE ADVISOR, with 
 Work rotation, 28/28
i.e., 28 days work in Brunei, 28 days vacation in Manila.”

*name withheld as per request

“So much blessings came to me after I attended your training. Only OG3HSE O&G can make this big difference in one’s career in a very short period of time. Learning oil and gas in your training center is truly a great advantage to one’s background and knowledge. Thank you Sir Ronnie!” – (from name*)

O3GHSE O&G Philippines
Congratulations Jereymias Palaganas!
Now works for SAUDI ARAMCO as ASSISTANT ENGINEER, Loss Prevention Department.
Class DPCU, 2016

Jereymias is a graduate of BS Mechanical Engineering at Luzon Colleges, Philippines.

O3GHSE O&G Philippines
Congratulations Ronald Carreon!
He now works in the United Arab Emirates as Central Control Room (CCR) SENIOR SUPERVISOR for EMIRATES GLOBAL ALUMINIUM 
(Al Taweelah Alumina Refinery).

Class DEA Regenerator, May 2015

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – C.P.

Class DEA Regenerator Tower:
Acid gases are absorbed by the absorbing liquid. The liquid that has absorbed the acid gases is preheated & then supplied to the top of the DEA regenerator where the acid gases are stripped by steam for the regeneration of the liquid. The regenerated liquid is precooled and recirculated to the absorber tower.

By O3GHSE O&G Research Team

O3GHSE O&G Training Center: 
Romar Villamer, 32 y/o, BSME.
Recently hired by SHARJA NATIONAL OIL CORPORATION, United Arab Emirates in the Middle East as “EXPORT TERMINAL OPERATOR”.
Class MCR Vapour, 2017

O3GHSE O&G Training Center: ALL HIRED BY NAFFCO in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
CONGRATULATIONS to our three (3) participants Noe Galdo Ewons Mcgaldz, (Class Refractory 2017), Bryan Lingaling (Class Oily Water, 2012) and Idsel Besinga Besinga (Class FER, 2016) 
All of them are employed by NAFFCO (www.naffco.com) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Idsel is the Safety Officer and Bryan is his Senior Safety Officer. 
Noel is hired also as a Senior Safety Officer.

Class Oily Water, 2012 and 
Class FER, 2016 in Dubai, UAE. Both are employed by NAFFCO (www.naffco.com) Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Idsel is the Safety Officer and Bryan is his Senior Safety Officer.

O3GHSE O&G Training Center: 
CONGRATULATIONS to our two (2) participants Bryan Lingaling (Class Oily Water, 2012) and
Idsel Besinga (Class FER, 2016)
Both are employed by NAFFCO (www.naffco.com) Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Idsel is the Safety Officer and Bryan is his Senior Safety Officer.

O3GHSE O&G Training Center with University of the Philippines Chemical Engineering and Electronics & Communications Engineering graduates.

Engrs. Diane Dumlao, BS Chemical Engineering (Class Gas Treater) and Cindy Paguio, BS ECE (Class Flash Gas) attended the 5-day Int’l Oil and Gas (Process, LNG Process) HSE.

O3GHSE O&G Training Center: (April 2017 till present): Congratulations Engr. Noel Javal. Hired as Senior Safety Officer at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s latest Gas Plant to come on-stream (Jubail, KSA). 
“There is no any training center in the Philippines that could give accurate, reliable, concrete, specific and powerful knowledge about oil ang gas field. I gained power, knowledge and great confidence through O3GHSE O&G. Thanks to Engr. Ronnie. More power!” – 
Noel Javal, 42 y/o, BSME, Adamson University, Manila, Philippines (Class DHNG, December 2016)

Congratulations to Engr. Darel Manuel the NEW FACILITIES MANAGER!
Darel is a graduate of BSME, Technological Institute of the Philippines.

Charles Anthony Catarbas: Learning is a continous process, it does not end when you graduate or pass the licensure examination. Think outside the box, expand your knowledge. Advance your career by joining the Oil and Gas Training.

Class N2O(Nitrous Oxide) done with the training for the INTERNATIONAL OFFSHORE, ONSHORE OIL AND GAS HSE TRAINING. Thank you mama for sponsoring my registration for this training. Thank you also to our mentor/training director and the CEO of O3GHSE, Engr. Ronnie Dagal Sir thank you so much for the wide range of technical knowledge you imparted to us, this is a very important advancement in my career sir. This training not only taught us the international oil and gas process but also to be professionally prepared for facing the multicultural community in Oil and Gas Industry. To my fellow Mechanical Engineers if you want to have the edge/advantage amongst our contemporaries I highly recommend that you try this training and become Internationally equipped with special/technical Oil and Gas knowledge, only O3GHSE can offer this training, no other training center can offer this, nor even our Affiliated Professional Organization, or any local Petroleum Engineering School here in the Philippines. Think outside the box and don’t miss this oppurtunity.

KNPC is Kuwait National Petroleum Company

O3GHSE O&G Training Center, Philippines in partnership with the Mapua University and Epsilon Skills Academy-Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Participant Garrick Coronado (38 y/o), works as Facilities Coordinator for Kuwait National Petroleum Company. Garrick is Business Management graduate of Far Eastern University.

Participant from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Conrad Pangilinan.

Also in photo: Mohandass Afiq, a Singaporean HSE Advisor of AKZO Noble Paints Singapore Pte Ltd. who traveled to Manila just to attend O3GHSE O&G International Oil and Gas Process, LNG, NGLs, SRU & HSE.

KAUST is King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia.

O3GHSE O&G: Participant Conrad Pangilinan (right), Chemical Technician of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia.

In photo: Mohandass Afiq, a Singaporean HSE Advisor of AKZO Noble Paints Singapore Pte Ltd. who traveled to Manila just to attend O3GHSE O&G International Oil and Gas Process, LNG, NGLs, SRU & HSE.

Congratulations Darwin Prado!
38 y/o (HSE Officer) of Spain’s Tecnicas Reunidas, United Arab Emirates.
Event: 20 Million Man-hours NLTI
Class Class Wildcat Wells

Darwin is BS in Industrial Engineering graduate at
Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation.

Spain’s Tecnicas Reunidas (TR), is one of the leading EPC companies in the sectors of Oil and Gas,
Refining, Petrochemical and Energy production worldwide.

Since 1960 TR has designed and built more than 1,000 industrial plants in more than 50 countries.

By O3GHSE O&G Research Team

O3GHSE O&G Training Center, Philippines
(In partnership with the Mapúa University and Epsilon Skills Academy-Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

Two of O3GHSE O&G participants in photo. Engr. Raymund Belista (SSS-IGD) and Engr. Ronnie Quirabu (Construction Engr-IGD).

★ IGD is Integrated Gas Development of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company).

IGD-E, Phase 1
Boosted ADNOC’s offshore gas processing capacity by 400 mmscfd to 1.4 BCFD.

IGD-E, Phase 2 will boost additional ~245 mmcfd of associated gas to the 1.4 BCFD.

According to UAE news –
“ADNOC LNG, a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, UAE awarded EPC contract for the IGD-E project (Phase 2) to Spain’s Tecnicas Reunidas & Abu Dhabi’s Target Engineering Construction Company.”

O3GHSE O&G Training Center, Philippines:
Thanks Mr. Mohandass (HSE Adviser of Akzo Nobel Paints Singapore Pte Ltd) for coming to Philippines to attend our training. Thanks for the trust. I wish you all the best.
Class Gasification 2018

Mohandass is a graduate of Environmental and
Occupational Health and Safety (BEnvOHS) at the University of Newcastle of Australia in Singapore.

From Paul Vincent Arceo: I’m humbly thankful for the wisdom, knowledge and boosting myself confidence to be a better person and Safety Practitioner. I always bear in my mind the Words that you told me prayers,education,knowledge. i was hired as a Sr. HSSE Engr. for mining and power plant projects in the Philippines. Sorry i can’t post those mining pit and power plant for safety and security purpose. Before i made a hard decision i was a regular core employee of Hyundai Engr. & Const. at Satah Sl Razboot gas field train 609 to 610 Zirku Island Abu Dhabi U.A.E. Salaam Alaikum wa ramatulah mohandesh Ronnie Dagal.

Best of luck to your new country Australia!

Enjoy Australia!

Memory recall:
Below is Fernan Gomez’s message after his training with us. He was immediately hired by Saipem, Italy’s ENI.

O3GHSE O&G Training Center, Philippines

★ Latest update: 28 July 2018

(formerly, Adma-Opco) ★

Congratulations to Mechanical Supervisor (Grade 14) for UAE’s (United Arab Emirates) 70 billion barrels oilfield.

Check it out!

Excellent package & remuneration. Education for kids & condominium in the capital city.
Free airplane tickets for family.

B.S.Mechanical Engineering, Western Institute of Technology
La Carlota City, Philippines.

Chris just successfully passed today (Aug 1, 2018) the stringent interview for the position of Loss Prevention Engineer for ARAMCO.
Chris is BSME, Mapua University.

O3GHSE O&G Training Center, Philippines:
Very Soon to be in PARTNERSHIP with the country’s most prestigious Engineering School.

PAUL ARCEO’s STORY, ex-OFW in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

He was given by his newfound company (UK based) a cash of USD1,800 plus one month advanced salary before leaving Philippines to resign overseas.

★The cash US. Dollars is for his one way ticket in case his former employer in the Middle East would not shoulder his ticket back to Manila.

– Arriving from the Middle East, (May 21) with only 2 weeks vacation, he immediately attended The 5-day International Oil and Gas Process & HSE.

He said he heard good things, read good testimonies about O3GHSE O&G which prompted him to attend.

After he successfully attended, the following week he challenged himself for a job interview for a United Kingdom’s energy company.

On the day of the interview, Paul was full of confidence. He answered the questions according to the knowledge learned in the training.

★He was immediately accepted!

He is hired as QHSSE* Manager!
Because he did not only satisfied the British interviewers, he impressed them with the KNOWLEDGE he learned with respect to ENVIRONMENT.

*QHSSE – Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Training Date : May 21-25, 2018
Class name : Class Gas Hydrates

O3GHSE O&G Training Center, Philippines:
Congratulations to our female participant Engr. KARLA LOUISE UMALI Louise Umali!

Engr. Karla is recently hired as 
Quantity Surveyor/Procurement Engineer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

She is a graduate of B.S. Electrical Engineering at De La Salle University-Lipa, Batangas, Philippines.

O3GHSE O&G Training Center: Congratulations to Engr. Jim Sumagaysay!

Hired as Technical Training Supervisor for Mechanical Engineering by JGSPC (JG Summit Petrochemicals Corp.) , Batangas City, Philippines.

From Jim: 
“I am just here at JG Summit Petrochemical. I am the Technical Training Supervisor for Mechanical Engineering. Training is done in a live plant.”

Jim Sumagaysay (PME), Class Dewpoint Control Unit, December 2015. Graduate of Technological University of the Philippines (T.U.P.) – Visayas, 1994

PME is Professional Mechanical Engineer an upgrade level after RME.
RME is Registered Mechanical Engineer.

O3GHSE O&G Training Center, Philippines (April 1, 2018) :

Congratulations to our participants Engr. Cris Orpilla (BSME)
and Edgar Lacsa II (BS Industrial Technology)!Both participants are recently hired for Saudi Aramco Overhead Lines (OHL) projects thru Nesma Trading Company Limited, Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia.

✓Cris Orpilla as Safety Supervisor and 
✓Edgar Lacsa II, as Safety Officer.

Cris is a graduate of Central Mindanao University, Bukidnon, Philippines. Edgar is a graduate of
Bataan Peninsula State University, Philippines

“An oil and gas training center which is a combination of Heart, Soul & Experience (HSE) where we convert theory into practice”

Thank you Sir Ronnie Dagal. I have been waiting for 5 years before I finally attended the training in O3GHSE. It’s worth the wait! The level of expertise of the trainer, himself, is exceptional, for he will not let you leave the room on the last day of the training without knowing the Oil and Gas Process which is not taught in any Universities. I have never heard before about Oil Separation (Two-Phase & Three-Phase), LNG, NGLs, and any other impurities until I attended the Training for International Oil and Gas HSE Certificate. I highly recommend this training center to my colleagues if they want to learn the intricacies in the Oil and Gas Industry.

O3GHSE O&G Training Center, Philippines (March 23, 2018)

Congratulations to Engr. Gilvyn Rafols!
Hired as MECHANICAL SUPERVISOR for United Arab Emirates’ crown jewel oil field.

At the moment the name of Oil and Gas company is withheld.

Included in the (excellent) package & remuneration: Education for kids & housing in the city

O3GHSE O&G, Class Sudan Oil

Gilvyn is BSME, Western Institute of Technology
La Carlota City, Philippines

Fyi: United Arab Emirates (UAE) ranks both #7 in oil and gas reserves:
POR: 97,800 million barrels, and
PGR: 6,091 billion cubic metres

Engr Gilvyn Rafols will be assigned to work in the 3rd largest oil reserves in the Middle East (66 billion barrels) as MECHANICAL SUPERVISOR.

The said basin was discovered in 1958.

By O3GHSE O&G Research Team

O3GHSE O&G, February 21, 2018:
Congratulations Engr. Sherwyn Pasamba (BSME), 38 y/o.
Southern Luzon State University
BS Mechanical Engineering, 2001

Hired as Operations Senior HSE Advisor for British Petroleum (BP)

BP (British Petroleum, UK) is listed #7 Global Largest Oil and Gas Companies
Revenue: US$ 222.8 Billion (Ref.2015)

ALEX ESPAñOLA: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” Murphy’s Law.

This is just a phrase for anyone, but with sir Ronnie Dagal’s thorough explaination made me realize that this is a powerful words that can change or save lives!

O3GHSE training center offers knowledge that’s worth keeping for a lifetime. Preparing you to become the best and worldclass HSE Practitioner you will ever be.

Thank you so much sir!!!

KENAN E. MAGAN : It is with great privilege to extend our appreciation for that 5 days of pure learning. It was indeed challenging but your expertise paved a way for us to learn and learn effectively.

We hope to use this knowledge to better equip this hardworking class of Safety professionals in the Oil and Gas environment.

In behalf of class Condensate Wells, thank you! The 5-day training is not the end but a beginning of a new path.

Salamat po sir Ronnie Dagal and staff of O3GHSE training. We’ll keep in touch and we hope to see you again soon.

January 15-19, 2018

O3GHSE O&G: Congratulations Engr. Aldrich Gualberto

Batangas University, Philippines (B.S. Mechanical Engineering)

  • In 2009 a young graduate of mechanical engineering attended O3GHSE O&G.
  • In a few days he was hired by Siemens for First Gas (Batangas, Philippines) planned shutdown as Safety Engineer.
  • He was hired and was assigned by Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd, South Korea.
  • Later he joined Zamil Steel (ZIMIP Co.) with Zamil Inspection and Maintenance Industrial Project as Mechanical Supervisor for Aramco projects.
  • Worked as Project Services Engineer for Shell Exploration B.V (Philippines)
  • Currently he is in Dammam, Saudi Arabia for Siemens (www.siemens.com/sa/en/home.html).

O3GHSE O&G, December 8, 2017: Congratulations Mark Magsino, Class Hypochlorite. Mark is BS Comp Eng’g graduate (AMA University, Philippines). 
He hailed from Lubao, Pampanga (Philippines) www.o3ghseoilandgas.ph

Hired as QHSE for ETIMAD-UAE.

Met Mark at S/bucks coffee shop in Abu Dhabi located 180 kms from the city.

(Due to the confidential nature of his task, no photo was allowed in his location)

About ETIMAD , www.etimad.ae

“We are humbled to learn from Margarito Lopez that he is hired instantly by ROOS (Rama Oil Operations & Services Company), Libya because of the great trust in our training.” – Engr. Ronnie M. Dagal, CEO, O3GHSE O&G

Margarito Lopez – Hired as Safety Officer for RAMA Oil Operations and Services Co. Ltd, Libya.

The oil reserves in Libya (48.01 billion barrels) are said to be the largest in the African continent and ranks no. 9 in the world biggest oil reserves. (Ref 2012)

“We are humbled to learn from Margarito Lopez that he is hired instantly by ROOS (Rama Oil Operations & Services Company), Libya because of the great trust in our training.” – Engr. Ronnie M. Dagal, CEO, O3GHSE O&G

O3GHSE O&G (October 17, 2017) INSIDE ONE BUS IN QATAR!
Congratulations to Jesus Dizon (Class Paraffinic Naptha) & Jeffrey Alfaro (Class Alumina Silica Gel) with United Safety- Qatar.

Jess is BS Industrial Engineering , Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
Jeffrey (29 y/o) is a graduate of Guagua National College (Microtech School of Computer) Pampanga

O3GHSE O&G (8th Sept 2017): Congratulations Mr. Absalom Etekou from Ivory Coast (Class JT Valve) is hired as ABB LPG HSE Manager, Francophone Africa (French Speaking). http://new.abb.com/africa/about/abb-in-brief 
He is a graduate of Lycée de Garçons de Bingerville (1994) Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. 
Attended the 5-day International Oil and Gas (Process, LNG , NGLs, SRU) in Manila, Philippines.


O3GHSE O&G: Participant HSE Officer John Russel Diputado (31 y/o) in one of their clients in the Middle East, ADOC – Abu Dhabi Oil Co., Ltd. (Japan). He works for National Petroleum Service. 
Class K2CO3. John is BS Nursing (Silliman University, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines)

Fyi: “NPS is the largest regionally-owned oil, gas & petrochemical services provider in the Middle East. Delivering drilling, customized well services and support to customers in the Middle East, North Africa & Far East Asia. Service lines include well services, electric line logging, well testing, and integrated drilling and work over operations. Recognized for both product quality and service deliverability and is widely engaged by leading operators around the world.”

Sourced by O3GHSE O&G Research Team

O3GHSE O&G reconnected just now with Lew Cadiente on Fb : Congratulations to Lew Cadiente, BS Nursing (34 y/o) now working in Qatar as Safety Inspector for Voltas Limited based in Qatar. “I’m working as a safety inspector in a MEP company, VOLTAS LIMITED based in Qatar. It’s a TATA Enterprise so it’s international. I’ve been here since July 2015.” Lew is a graduate of Our Lady of Fatima University, Valenzuela, Philippines.”

O3GHSE O&G (18/7/17): Congratulations to Raymund Belista (HSE Specialist & Engineer) for being a part of the 4 million man-hour without Lost Time Injury (LTI) in the Integrated Gas Development Extension in a Gas Liquefaction Plant. The extension plant will top up the current production of 1000 MMSCFD to 1300 MMSCFD.
Want to learn more pls. visit www.o3ghseoilandgas.ph

Congratulations Mr., BS Accounting. Hired by Nissin Group of Japan. He shuttles between Europe and America.
Class DHSV 2013

O3GHSE O&G (June 29, 2017): Congratulations Seigfred Magpile! Hired as Commissioning Support Expert (PSSR) for Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemicals, Vietnam. Siegfried is Bachelor of Arts at Batangas State University.
Class Coalescer

Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemicals is Joint venture of PetroVietnam, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Idemitsu and Mitsui (Japan).

“Hi Rommel Baligod, nice to know you already arrived your location (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Keep in mind Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest oil producer & second biggest oil reserves. Working in that part of the world is distinctive especially for a young oil and gas worker
like you (or even in the loop). There are lots of new technologies to learn, lots of interesting processes to learn, techniques in reducing carbon emission, the clean fuel technology, and many more…”

O3GHSE O&G (6 June 2017): Congratulations to former Wireline Supervisor Alfonso Jun Perez in the United Arab Emirates. He now works for General Electric, Texas, United States of America. Jun is a graduate of Aeronautical Engineering, FEATI University, Manila, Philippines. – Class, Main Oil Line 2011

O3GHSE O&G (24 May 2017): Congratulations Rommel Baligod, (BS Nursing) 38 y/o. Hired as Safety Officer for SBTM (Saudi Building Technic Maintenance Company, Ltd) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Projects: Offshore oil and gas installation, Crude oil tanks, NGL plants, Major maintenance for refinery and Housing demolition & renovation. – Class Sulfur Condenser. Graduate of Asian College, Cagayan Valley, Philippines.

O3GHSE O&G, Career Change (April 2017): Congratulations Engr. Noel Javal. Hired as Senior Safety Officer at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s latest Gas Plant to come on-stream (Jubail, KSA).
“There is no any training center in the Philippines that could give accurate, reliable, concrete, specific and powerful knowledge about oil ang gas field. I gained power, knowledge and great confidence through O3GHSE O&G. Thanks to Engr. Ronnie. More power!” – Noel Javal, 42 y/o, BSME, Adamson University, Manila, Philippines (Class DHNG, December 2016)

O3GHSE O&G (May 2017) Just in : Congratulations Cipriano Hitgano Natividad III hired (locally) by a multi-billion prestigious developer company as Safety Officer. He was interviewed by no less than the owner/CEO of the company. 
“Thanks for the comprehensive oil and gas training, moreover the O3GHSE O&G certificates are very strong when applying either locally or abroad.” Cipriano is BS Nursing, Our Lady of Fatima College, Philippines. 
www. o3ghseoilandgas.ph

From Hassan Hiyaz: Alhamdhu lillaahi after 5 days of hard working, finally achieve the target….. congratulations to all and thank you Ronnie Dagal sir…

O3GHSE O&G, Career Change for BS Criminology graduate (Philippine College of Criminology, Manila): From Levi Cerillo – “Glad to inform you Sir that I got the position of Senior Safety Technician. Without you, without your support and if there is no O3GHSE O&G training center, I will not get into this profession. That is why I am very grateful to you. Congratulation to O3GHSE O&G (training center)! Mabuhay ka sir! (Trans. – Long live Sir!) I’m a proud product of O3GHSE O&G.”
(NB: The name of the very reputable gas company is located in the world’s 3rd biggest natural reserves & world’s # 1 LNG producer in the Middle East.) – www.o3ghseoilandgas.com




From Kris Stoppel: “Thanks Ronnie, for the International Oil and Gas Process & HSE training (Distant Learning). We apply this knowledge by our Oil & Gas clients here in the Middle East. I plan to attend your course “OIL AND GAS FOR ENGINEERS” this summer in Manila.”

From Edgar E. Lacsa Jr.: “Thanks to Sir Ronnie Dagal (03GHSE O&G CEO and Facilitator) for sharing his extensive knowledge and experience in Oil and gas (Upstream and midstream). I strongly suggest this one of a kind training center to all who wish to work in Oil and gas Industry by attending this training will give you an edge with other contemporaries.”


From Christopher John Parilla- “Thanks for the knowledge that you’ve shared us about general and advance module for oil and gas. By Gods speed, I hope that i can practice your teachings in a company.
Thank you very much for the intensive 5 days course, Sulit po ang training.

Thank you very much and God Bless.”
– Class Quench Drum


From Darell Manasan- “Because of attending the O3G 5-Day International Oil and Gas HSE, I was able to become knowledgeable of the technical know-how in the Oil and Gas processes and the safety involved which are not presently available to any training. The knowledge being taught by O3G is essential to any experienced Oil and Gas people and aspirants who wants to work in Oil and Gas industries. The knowledge you will gain with the training are the fundamentals which can not be earned from any training and even through extensive professional experience. I am now applying what I have learned from the training in my present career and looking forward to use it for better opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry. I am highly recommending the training to all who are eager to work in the Oil and Gas industry especially for those who wants to be ahead with others and wants to be outstanding on their future opportunities, and also, to the Oil and Gas people who wants to gain even more technical knowledge especially the processes involved in the Oil and Gas industry and how to apply safety in your field of work. A big thanks to Offshore Onshore Oil and Gas HSE Training Center- O3GHSE O&G and Sir Ronnie.”

Congratulations to Mr. Julius Angeles Orena, 37 y/o, hired as Pre-commissioning HSE Supervisor for GS E&C, PETRO RABIGH II Project CP 3&4. Julius is BS Commerce UNDERGRADUATE of Univ. of Luzon, Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines. “Thanks you Sir for the training, I am a proud graduate of your training center! Thanks to O3GHSE O&G!” – J.A. Orena via chat message.



Mark, 21 y/o, was a newly graduate, then recently passed the mechanical engineering board examination when he took the 5-day International Oil and Gas (Process) HSE. A few weeks after besting the rest of the applicants for a senior HSE post he was hired immediately as “Fleet Safety Supervisor” by OceanaGold Philippines Inc (www.oceanagold.com).

Work cycle: 14 days ON/7 days OFF with sterling package i.e., complete expatriate remuneration, excellent accommodation, free meals, free luxurious transportation from home to office and back. Mark is BSME, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines. Class MOV 2013.

Congratulations Engr. Darel Manuel now works for Shell Philippines. He is assigned in Business Operations Department. Darel is BSME, Technological Institute of the Philippines. – Class Gas Turbine.

alecz-b-malibiran              alecz-b-malibiran_1

(16/11/16): Congratulations Mr. Alecz B. Malibiran (HSE Supervisor) – “Yes Sir Ronnie, I am here in Constantine Algeria as HSE Supervisor, Daewoo E&C for almost 4 yrs. This is my 2nd project in Daewoo. Thanks for the knowledge that you`ve shared to us Sir. More power and God Bless Us always.” – From Alecz, (Univ. of Makati)

erlisser-machon_2                         erlisser-machon

Congratulations Mr. Erlisser Machon, 38 y/o, hired as Materials Supervisor by Daewoo E & C Co. Ltd, Kuwait. Class Gas Blanket. – Erlisser is BS Commerce, Garcia College of Aklan, Philippines. He is assigned at the USD3.4 Billion joint venture project of Fluor/DEC/HHI for Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC).


Congratulations to our participant Mr. Mariano Mayol Jayme Jr., 31 y/o. Now works as Asst. Environment Officer for QCon-Saudi Arabia for Barzan Onshore Gas Project. QCon is Qatar Engineering Construction which is specialized in Turnaround Maintenance Shutdown in the oil and gas plants Gas Liquecation Plants, SRU plants and refineries.Mariano is graduate of B.S Office Administration , San Isidro College in Malaybalay City Bukidnon, Philippines.

Congratulations to Mr Wey Kuizon, former Sous Chef, NOW works for McDermott International, USA. Assigned in Marine Department as boatswain in Gulfport Mississippi, USA. Mr. Kuizon, 37 y/o, is Hospitality Management graduate, NCBA.

mechael-mamerto_                     mechael-mamerto_1

Congratulations Mr. Mechael Mamerto, 27 y/o, hired by Saudi Building Technic Maintenance Company, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Via chat message, “Sir I am a nurse by profession currently working with new project for Yanbu for major maintenance for Saudi Aramco. I am in the process of creating an Environment Management Program. Thank you O3GHSE O&G for the training!” Class Sulfur Condenser. Mechael is (BSN) a graduate of Our Lady of Fatima, Valenzuela, Philippines.

icko-ragadio_2    icko-ragadio

Congratulations Mr. Icko Ragadio, Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Centro Escolar University, 25 y/o. He now works with Worley Parsons, Saudi Arabia for Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) for Power PP13 project. He likewise passed the Aramco Approval Exam thus making him an Approved HSE Supervisor for Aramco. Class CO2.

jules-padrones_1            jules-padrones

01 Oct 16: Congratulations Mr. Jules Padrones, 34 y/o, hired by ASYAD INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for SEC (Saudi Electricity Company) for CP2 Package in Petro Rabigh Phase II Project. He likewise passed the Aramco Approval Exam thus making him an Approved HSE Supervisor for Aramco. Class CO2.


(16/9/16) : Congratulations John dela Rosa, now with Adma-Opco (Plant Maintenance Services), Das Island, United Arab Emirates. Class Pyrophoric Scale. John, 22 y/o is a graduate of BS Computer Science


O3GHSE O&G: “Thanks, Sir Ronnie! Now I understand more of what our recently concluded project in was all about. Australia. My knowledge now covers from Gas Wells to LNG Processing Plant, even the oil side I am now fully aware of the process. The process hazards posed are not known to untrained HSE personnel. Also, the important issue on the ENVIRONMENT that is Climate Change, the effects of hydrocarbon industry, its hazards to the environment were well explained, this is very interesting! So, it’s not just the construction phase that I am knowledgeable of, but now, also the business interface side of the industry.” – Edmie Torre (Snr. HSE Advisor, EMAS CHIYODA Subsea) BS Nursing Class K2CO3 Regenerator Tower

jose-arig_2        jose-arig

O3GHSE O&G, 21 Sept 2016: Congratulations to Mr. Jose Arig, Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Cebu Bible Seminary), 27 y/o. Hired as Safety Officer for Petro Rabigh Phase 2 Project. “Salamat talaga Sir at tinanggap mo ako sa school….dala dala ko usb ko lagi kong open at basa mga files. Malaking tulong talaga yong certification ko nakuha jan sir…first tym ko pa mag oil n gas.. sir, dalawa kami nandito galing ng O3GHSE O&G Sir… ”

(Trans: Thanks for accepting me to attend your OIL AND GAS training, I always bring with me the USB with the files you gave us. I always find time to read them. Your training certificate & knowledge proved to be a big help for me especially this is my first time in the oil and gas. We are two here that came from O3GHSE O&G.”). Jose is Class Dobson, 2015


O3GHSE O&G (8/16/16): Congratulations Engr. Rolendo Bolano Belviz (31 y/o) hired as Safety Engineer (Al Rushaid Construction, Saudi Arabia) for Yanbu Petrochemical Company located at Western Region. He is assigned in the Turnaround Maintenance Shutdown.
Rolendo is BSEE, University of Southeastern Philippines.
Class Flash Gas www.o3ghseoilandgas.ph

carlo-alcolea_1             carlo-alcolea

PRODUCT OF O3GHSE O&G (8/8/16): Carlo Alcolea (37 y/o) hired by Qatar Building Company (www.qbched.com) appointed as Safety Engineer. Assigned at The Qatar Emiri Naval Forces Base buildings project which is part of the US$7.4 billion New Port Project. BS Business Administration, Computer Tech. (PUP, Quezon Province) Class Coalescer 2014.


O3GHSE O&G (30/7/17) PROCESS SAFETY OFFICER: In the history of EQUATE Petrochemical (Kuwait) , Jonathan Camiña Diamante is the FIRST FILIPINO to become UNIT SAFETY OFFICER in the company.
Congratulations to John C. Diamante for being hired as Process Safety Officer, E&C at EQUATE PETROCHEMICAL in Kuwait (www.equate.com)
“ Sir, I now work with EQUATE Petrochemical here in Kuwait. I just joined 5 months ago. I am assigned in Ethylene Unit as Process Safety, E&C. The training that I attended in your training center (2013), gave me lots of valuable ideas in the oil and gas which I was able to utilize during my interview. I know there is ‘future’ in attending your training. I even encourage may of my friends to join your training.” Jonathan, 38 y/o, BSIT Electrical Technology, Iloilo Science of Arts and Trade University, Philippines


O3GHSE O&G (29/7/16): Congratulations to John Cristal, 31 y/o, hired as Senior HSE Supervisor by Consolidated Construction Company (CCC) for a Petroleum Refinery project in Jizan, Saudi Arabia. John, is Business Administration (BSBA) graduate of Holy Name University, Bohol, Philippines.

Fyi: In Jizan, Saudi Aramco is building a 400MBPD refinery with associated terminal facilities equipped with a state-of-the-art port and a 4-gigawatt power plant that will make the refinery self-sufficient.

VERNEL ROXAS                               VERNEL ROXAS_1

PRODUCT OF O3GHSE O&G (27/7/16): Congratulations Vernel Roxas who recently passed the NAKED FLAME PERMIT AUTHORIZATION conducted by a Gas Liquefaction Company’s panel of interviewers held in the UAE.
The LNG plant’s safety is the UTMOST IMPORTANCE when he affixed his signature for every naked flame activities being carried out on LIVE PLANT. Prodn (LNG): 7MMPA. UAE ranks #7 in the world, pioneer of LNG in the Middle East. Vernel is BS Criminology (Philippine College of Criminology).


O3GHSE O&G(26/7/16): This is no longer oil and gas, STILL ACCEPTED. Very inspiring!
Congratulations Mr. Chris Jac Aus Austria, hired as Safety Attendant under international Holland America Line. He is now in Canada. BS Nursing, 28 yrs old, graduate of Manila Tytana College formerly, Manila Doctors College. Class Process Gas Compressor 2015


O3GHSE O&G: Congratulations to Mark Anthony Tanaotanao, 25 y/o (Class Flash Gas, 2015). Hired as Quality Control (QC) Inspector for Petro Rabigh Project Naptha and Aromatics by ARCC/EEI, Saudi Arabia. He likewise passed the Saipem (Italy’s giant oil and gas construction company) and Aramco Approval examinations. He attended in January 2015 and hired in May of the same year. From Mark “It is easier to pass international exams after attending the 5-day International Oil and Gas Process (HSE). Thank you Sir!” – Mark is BSME (2012) & BS Marine Engg (2013), University of Nueva Caceres, Philippines

Allan Troy Guimpol

From Troy Allan Guimpol (Comp. Sci), Singapore: “Sir Ronnie Dagal thank you for the knowledge you’ve shared to us. It is a big help for us knowing the in and out of the O&G and adding more knowledge in this profession we choose. God bless you more Sir.”- Class QFlex

Bluebird dela Fuente

O3GHSE O&G (June 5, 2016): Congratulations Mr. Bluebird dela Fuente (34 y/o) for being accepted as HSE Supervisor for Renaissance Heavy Industry, Turkish Company for Gas to Gasoline Project, Location: Ashganat , Turkmenistan. He is Physical Therapy graduate of Our Lady of Fatima & u/g of BSN. He outsmarted engineers, other seasoned oil and gas workers in the interview vying for the post of HSE Supervisor.

Rod C. Bugnay                          Rod C. Bugnay2

O3GHSE O&G (June 2, 2016): Congratulations Rod C. Bugnay for being hired by KBR-Saudi Arabia (Kellog Brown & Root). He is in the Planning and Scheduling department of KBR-AMCDE. Rod is a graduate of Nueva Vizcaya State University (BSCE), 32 y/o.
Fyi: KBR, Inc. is an American engineering, procurement, and construction company, formerly a subsidiary of Halliburton.

Jonathan V. Saludo

PRODUCTS OF O3GHSE O&G MEETS IN SAUDI ARABIA (26/5/16): JotiJonathan V. Saludo (right) works for Saudi Aramco Pipelines ,Distribution & Terminals Project Department in Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was formerly assigned in the Pipelines and Terminal Process Plants. Currently he is now in the Design Office in Al Khobar. Jonathan is 42 years old, BSME (Golden Gate Colleges, Batangas City)
Incidentally he met fellow O3GHSE O&G Engr. Jayreme Regala (BSEE), the Operations Representative for (Northern Area Oil Operations. Both are now with Aramco.


O3GHSE O&G (May 24, 2016): Congratulations to Jomel Elquiero for passing the interview.
“Good pm sir, salamat po sa tinuro nyo, sa crane po ako naasign. Nagamit ko po ung mga safety and maintenance na tinuro nyo sa interview. God bless Sir. More trainees to come.”
(Trans: Good pm Sir, thank you very much for your valuable training. I will be assigned in the crane department. I was able to utilize the safety and maintenance of lifting appliances which I discussed during my interview.”) He is accepted by a company which is cited as one of the top 5 major maritime terminal operators in the world! Recently graduated BS Mechanical Engineering last April (Lyceum University at Gen. Trias, Cavite). He immediately attended the 5-day International Oil and Gas HSE in April. His mission in attending is to give him a ‘Great Advantage’ during application. Jomel is 21 years old.

Ronnie Quirabu

Congratulations to Ronnie Quirabu for passing the Permit To Work System examination with 100% score on both Part I and Part II (2 –day exam). The PTW exams was given by a Gas Liquefaction Company in the Middle East with 7 MM TLNG production. It is a mandatory company requirement. The said exam is Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) approved in the Middle East (GCC). Prior taking the PTW SQA approved exam, he attended the 5-day International Oil and Gas HSE course. – Engr. Ronnie is 47 y/o, BSCE.

Vernel C. Roxas

O3GHSE O&G (May 14, 2016): Congratulations to Mr. RCV for passing the Permit To Work System examination with 100% score on the Part II. The exam was given by a Gas Liquefaction Company in the Middle East. The examination is a company requirement which is Scottish Qualification Authority Approved in the Middle East (GCC). Prior taking the test he attended the “5-day Advance International Oil and Gas Process (LNG Process & Sulfur Recovery)” course. – RCV, 40 y/o, BS Criminology, Philippine College of Criminology, former police officer & SAF member.

Ramil Callada

O3GHSE O&G: “As a Graduate of Political Science, the training that I attended ‘The 5-day International Oil and Gas Process & HSE’ gave me confidence in performing my duty as Site Coordinator for SABIC projects here in Saudi Arabia. By knowing the oil and gas process, LNG Process, fractionation, SRU and other things in between have boosted my self-confidence, it gave me added courage to talk about the plant mechanical equipment, process vessels of the plant. Another important thing I am thankful is the continuous review which no training centers can offer. Thanks to O3GHSE O&G! More power to your training center!” – Ramil Callada, Class DEA Regen
Update (8 May 2016): Ramil is assigned in a Turnaround Maintenance for Sabic, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Current project: IBN RUSHD Turnaround. He works for Gas Arabian Services. “Ibn Rushd produces different types of aromatic products. Paraxylene and Benzene are the 2 basic products. In addition, there is a possibility of producing other series such as Ortho-xylene and the Meta-xylene. The liquefied petroleum gas is used as a primary feedstock in a process that depends on a modern technology called Cyclar.” Its capital increased to 500 million Saudi riyals in 2015.

Rene Cura

O3GHSE O&G (26/3/16): Congratulations Engr. Rene Cura now working as Project Controls Engineer for Chevron Anglola (www.chevroninangola.com) . From Rene: “Thanks for the 5-day IOGHSE training Sir. The knowledge I gained was truly a great advantage for me. I’ve been here since Sept 2104. I was sent to Houston, Texas (USA) for project preparation for 3 months before coming here to Angola.” – Class Boiling Point 2013. Chevron-Angola ranks among the country’s top petroleum producers. Its average daily production is 121,000 bbls, 14,000 barrels of condensates and 78 MMSCF of natural gas.

Kenneth M. Besinga

O3GHSE O&G, (24/3/16): Congratulations Kenneth M. Besinga! Hired as Fire and Safety Inspector in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. From Kenneth: “Thanks Sir Ronnie for the valuable training. I am hired by Bahra Cable company (www.bahra-cables.com) here in Saudi Arabia. The training gave me confidence during the interview.” – Kenneth (30 y/o), BS Criminology, Philippine College of Criminology – Class Gas Compressor

Romeo Albarracin

O3GHSE O&G, Just now (21/3/16): Congratulations Romeo Albarracin! Hired as Safety Manager for Saudi Aramco’s Wasit Gas Plant project. From Romeo: “Thanks Sir Ronnie for the training. I am now here in Saudi Arabia working as Safety Manager for WGP.” He is 46 y/o, BSCE, Univ. of Mindanao – Class Hypochlorite

Bensario Buriel Consejo III

O3GHSE O&G (15/3/16): Congratulations Bensario Buriel Consejo III, hired as HSE Advisor for GAS WELL EXPLORATION SYSTEM (GWES) under British Petroleum and Jacobs. He is assigned in Oman. Class Dry Gas.


O3GHSE O&G: Congratulations Mr. John De Leon. Hired as Project Controls Manager for Riyadh Refinery projects (LSTK and LSPB) for Aramco, Saudi Arabia. From John “Thank you Sir Ron. It is with O3GHSE O&G where I started all my ideas in the oil and gas. I followed your advice three years ago. I still remember the five pillars of success.” – John is a graduate of BS COE, AMA University, Pampanga


Congratulations Mafeo Mendoza, 47 y/o, HSE Supervisor for SOFEC, United Arab Emirates. He is BS Medical Technology, Lyceum of the Philippines, Batangas. Class CALM (Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring). Sofec is Mooring Solution Specialist with projects worldwide.


March 3, 2016: Congratulations Marc Anisco! Hired for a “Managerial Post” in Canada by world’s largest independent lubricant company (Fuchs Lubricants). Fuchs Lubricants in Canada covers west coast of Canada from British Columbia to Manitoba. From Marc: “Happy to have met you Sir Ronnie! Great mentors breed great people.” – Class DEA Regenerator 


From Michael Jan Villariaza: There’s nothing like Offshore Onshore Oil and Gas HSE Training Center- O3ghse O&G when it comes to Oil and Gas. A training center dedicated to ensure that workers of the oil and gas industry knows the hazards of working in the field.
By knowing the basic process, one can easily distinguish the hazards and the environmental impact of the industry. It’s been an honor to be a part of the Class Super Claus.
Thank you Sir Ronnie Dagal for the knowledge and experience that you shared to us. God bless us all.


From Cris Orpilla: “You cannot give if you don’t have”. Thank you Ronnie Dagal for providing and making us understand oil and gas process complete….understanding the oil n gas process will make you recognize hazards easily.tnx O3GHSE O&G


From Raj Asid, RN, Works for Aramco Oilfields: Big thanks to you Sir Ronnie Dagal for without your training center I will never fully understand what’s happening in the oil and gas industry. Now I am confident enough to talk about the oil and gas process to anyone. It is very important to know the process for us to easily identify the hazards in the operation. So grateful for being one of your students. More power O3GHSE O&G!!!


(1/3/16): Congratulations Raymund Belista hired as Site Safety Supervisor for a Gas Liquefaction Plant (IGD). He is on 35/28 work cycle, meaning 35-day work in the plant and 28-day vacation with Full salary, Free ticket, Free housing, free hotels, food & laundry. This is a senior position in the LNG company. From Raymund: “Thanks a lot to O3GHSE O&G! More power to your training center!” (The increased of 200 mmscfd is a top up for the 1000 mmscfd which will make the total gas received and for further process to 1200 mmscfd)


February 2, 2016: Congratulations Mr. Avelino Santos Jr. – hired this February in the HSE department for Gas Liquefaction plant in the Middle East. Location: Das Island, 7MM TPA (LNG). Work cycle: 60/30, meaning 60 days work in the plant and 30 day vacation with Full salary, Free ticket, Free housing, food & laundry. From Jun: “Thanks O3GHSE O&G! More power to your training center!”

Congratulations Juan C. Lacatan, FIRST TIME SAFETY OFFICER for Coke & Tar and Waste Water Basin Project for Petroleum, Chemicals and Mining Company. He is assigned in Yanbu, KSA. PCMC works for Saudi Aramco. Juan is Automotive Mechanic graduate, outsmarted seasoned OFWs safety practitioners vying for Safety Officer post. Fyi: Petroleum coke is a by-product of oil refining process. – Class name H2S Stripper.


America is always known for its best schools and training centers but when it comes to oil and gas, some Americans preferred to attend O3GHSE O&G-Philippines. In photo: Participant Eugene Osazin, American, BS in Construction Management, Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts, USA – “Wentworth Institute of Technology has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report in two categories as part of the publication’s Best Colleges 2014 rankings. Wentworthmaintained its ranking of #12 in the “Regional College North” category and moved up to #64 (from #69) for the “Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs (where doctorate not offered)” category, representing the fourth consecutive year the Institute has placed in the top 100.”


From Jayreme Regala, BSEE. Hired as Operations Representative, for Northern Field Operations. “Hi Sir Ronnie, I got hired last July 2015 for Upstream Gas Development Project in Saudi Arabia. The project will develop upstream facilities for onshore and offshore non-associated sour gas.” – His company in Saudi is valued somewhere in the region of US$1.25 trillion and US$10 trillion, it is considered as world’s most valuable company. – Jayreme is a graduate of Bicol University, College of Engineering (2000), 35 yrs old. – Class Coalescer, 2014.


Jan. 2016: From ABSALOM ETEKOU from Ivory Coast “Some good news, thanks to O3GHSE O&G training courses, I gained the position as QSHE manager of Terratest Ivory Coast. Glory to God” Class Oil Slick.


With participant Minister Ali Nazeer, Head of Operations of State Trading Organization, Maldives. He is sponsored by the Maldives government. His post is equivalent to Minister of Environment and Energy. Class Tail Gas.


From Professor Dongheon Jeon: “This is a new technology in the industry. Starting today it will be exported to the Middle East it is called e-House (Sub-station). Fabrication will be done either in So. Korea or China. This is contract with ADMA/UAE SARB-4 substations project.” – Engr.Dongheon Jeon, CEO of Advance Marine Consulting Co. in Busan, So. Korea. He is an author and also a professor of Changwon National University, Dept. of Naval Architect & Ocean Engineering. Class Oil Slick, 2014


Engr. R. Calago (Professional Mechanical Engineer): “I am advising mechanical engineers, and other engineering professionals, who are interested in understanding all the processes involve both in the upstream and downstream industries in the oil and gas sector to attend O3GHSE training. Modules on Oil and Gas Exploration & Production, GOSP/CDS/CPP, LNG Liquefaction, Process Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment utilizing RAM & RPM, Climate Change, Global Warming, etc. are so great that you would feel like being in the oil and gas sector already. The knowledge one will gain from the 5-day training will surely equip him sufficient enough to find a niche in an oil and gas exploration or processing platform. Personally, I learned a knowledge that are not taught in the academe. I learned straight from a professional with decades of actual practice in the field. Kudos to Sir Ronnie Dagal and to his team. Thank you for sharing your expertise.” – Engr. Renante G. Calago, Professional Mechanical Engineer (Class Defoamers). Engr. Renante Calago (PME) is a consultant of the Office of the President/CEO of the sole Power and Energy Corporation located in Southeast Asia. He graduated as Magna Cum Laude and 4th placer in the mechanical engineering board examination, 2008.   www.abcollege.edu.ph/the…/our-topnotchers


Aramco Geophysicist Bader Alsraiya, Saudi national graduate of King Saud University (Riyadh, KSA) traveled to Manila just to attend The 5-days Int’l Oil & Gas HSE course. Saudi Arabia has proved oil reserves of 267 Billion barrels (rank #2), 11 MMBPD (rank #2), whilst Philippines ranks #79 (12 MBPD). Oil was discovered in March 1938 in Dammam by an American Max Steineke.  Who would believe 72 years later in 2010, a Saudi national petro-physicist from Aramco would come to the Philippines to attend O3GHSE O&G training setting aside other international training centers?


(22 Sept ’15): FIRST TIME TO WORK ABROAD! Congrats to M.A. for passing the interview held yesterday (21/9) and having accepted as H.S.E. OFFICER for an international company in the Middle East. M.A. will work on USD2.5 Billion Rabigh Power Plant (1,204 MW) in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia. (Free food, laundry and accommodation) “ You are right Sir, my contemporaries were experienced and seasoned HSE Officers, yet they do not know oil and gas at all.” – M.A., 25 yrs old is from Samar, BS Nursing, Class Process Gas Compressor


Iraqi-Australian Engr. Basim Safindi, (BSCE,Univ. of Baghdad). Iraq is world’s 5th largest oil producer with 141 billion bbls in proved reserves. With O3GHSE O&G course and certificate, he is now the HSE Manager for Worley-Parsons, middle east. Class, Sulfur Condenser 2012. (Initially after attending O3GHSE O&G, he was headhunted by two companies in the middle east) FYI: In 1927 oil was discovered in Iraq, while in 1981 oil in Galoc, Philippines (with only 168MM bbls)

kevin_11707690_10207508224248027_1011849827533533731_o irish_11850525_10207508234528284_3242393394279532288_o

When William Hart discovered gas at Fredonia, New York in 1821, who would ever believe 190 years later Americans will come to Philippines just to attend oil and gas training. Having all the advanced & latest technology, they and their companies trusted O3GHSE O&G training center than any training centers in the world. Americans Kevin Carey (in photo), Daren Williams, Engr. Eugene Osazin, Charles Lanier & Ogeikpe Nwogu (Texas A&M Univ), they were all university graduates in America.

“O3GHSE O&G is a game changer, a stunner! In my experience attending courses and training local and abroad, NO OTHER training center was able to deliver like O3GHSE O&G the way it does. With incredible content and results. The way the instructor inject the knowledge and delivers the topic to the participants was very professional and truly remarkable that even a fresher can understand without compromising the understandability of participants who came from different industry and profession, Thank you SirRonnie for unselfishly sharing your priceless ideas” -Fred Buste, (OFW, Abu Dhabi, UAE) Class Process Gas Compressor

(14th Sept 2015): Congrats to Engr. CMA for being hired as HSE Advisor by an EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) company in the Middle East. CMA is 30 y/o, University of St. Louis, Tuguegarao, BSEE– Class Dobson 2015

jaynold 2_11987085_10207789431878042_4685583818283377011_njaynold 12002108_10207789434638111_6285004831373321277_n

(13 Sept 2015): Congrats to Mr. Jaynold Bollozos Juaton hired 2 weeks ago as EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) for AL HOSN GAS, UAE. “The training I had with you helped me a lot in getting qualified as EMT and hired. We are all four here in AL HOSN all O3GHSE graduates. Thank you Sir Ronnie and thanks to O3GHSE O&G!” Jaynold is 28 y/o, BS Nursing, Western Mindanao State University. Class Dobson 2015

howie 3_10856691_10206111302325852_6519308593141788965_o

(12 Sept 2015): Congrats to Howie la Rosa for being hired as HSE Officer by a UK joint venture B-M&R in Qatar. B-M&R is a giant EPC company operating in the middle east and worldwide. “Sir, my opening statement in the interview is I mentioned my class name which is ‘Class Dobson’ and it gave me a good impression from the start of the interview. I am here now in Qatar. The 5-day Int’l Oil and Gas HSE training helped me a lot in getting this job. Thanks to O3GHSE O&G!” Howie is 40 y/o, BS Marine Transportation, Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA). Class Dobson 2015

janjan hubilla_12004893_10207789923210325_4357573654652199077_n

Janjan Hubilla just graduated from college last year (2014), took O3GHSE O&G in Feb 2015. For a very young man to be trusted by foreigners, by Arabs for company operating in a “rich gas country” like Qatar for Health, Safety & Environment HSE position is exceptional. To be employed at a very young age is not by ‘just luck’, one has to pass the stringent interview. The KEY is taking the right training coupled with being smart. H.S.E. is not only about basic OSH, there is more to the picture than meets the eye. Keep in mind Qatar ranks no. 3 in the world, 890TCF in proved reserves. (Phils. #54 at 3.7TCF, Russia is #1 @1,688TCF). – Mr. Janjan Hubilla, Bojamhoor Trading & Contracting Comp. Qatar. Janjan is 21 y/o, BS Philosophy, Bicol University – Class Dobson – Want to learn more? www.o3ghseoilandgas.com E: o3ghseoilandgas@yahoo.com, LM:+632.899 5449, M:+63919.2806230 Trusted by Riyadh Polytechnic Institute (Laureate International Universities), Saudi Arabia, MIT and by the Dept. Of Energy – New Training Venue: Unit 8, RICVIC Bldg. Tirona Highway, Habay II, Bacoor, Cavite 4102 (Walking distance from SM Bacoor)



Ralph Batapa, Class Process Gas Compressor: I thank you so much, Sir Ronnie Dagal (in behalf of our batch, the Process Gas Compressor) for sharing to us your knowledge during our training at your training center, O3GHSE Training Center. 
It’s the best decision ever in my life of having undergone that training with O3GHSE. 
Sir Ronnie Dagal (& the rest of your team, Sir Rene Victor Marfori Dagal, Ma’am Lita and Ms. Jaycel), we thank you so much for the best experience of our life at your training center po.
The knowledge you’d shared to us during the training can never be paid by any amount of money for its — PRICELESS!
Not to forget to mention your techniques in teaching is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE with your selflessness and kind-hearted approach and generosity in sharing your knowledge — words are NEVER ENOUGH for me to describe on how to thank you po. 
May God bless you more po with abundance and greatness, Sir Ronnie. I thank you so much po again and looking forward to seeing you again po in the future po, Sir Ronnie.


From Aziz Saforteza, 33 y/o: “Sir Ronnie I just want to let you know that your O3GHSE course is incomparable with other training courses I attended both in the Philippines and overseas. I hope in the future you gonna expand your training center and conduct here in the U.A.E. I am employed by Airolink Construction L.L.C., Abu Dhabi as HSE Advisor. I was interviewed by an Irish Quality HSE Manager tested my knowledge that I gained from your training center.”


(7/7/15) O3GHSE O&G participant (name withheld as per request) passed the face to face interview with a very prestigious manpower supply for oil and gas held in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. According to him, the American HSE manager who interviewed him was very impressed with his answers. He said he applied all what he learned in the O3GHSE O&G course in the interview. He was advised to communicate with the HR right after the interview.The mega project is about Gas Gathering, Sulfur Recovery which were all covered in the O3GHSE O&G course. He was offered a high post with initial work rotation of 28/28 (meaning 28 days work and 28 days rest with complete remuneration) plus excellent packages i.e., Free accommodation, laundry, car, free petrol, free airfare.


“It is my pride and honor to meet and be trained by an expert. His professionalism, enthusiasm and patience encourage me to strive more. After 3 years of planning, preparation and waiting, at last i am now certified.
You did your part and now it’s time for me to do mine. I hope and pray that someday we will cross our path again in the same field. In behalf of Feed Gas Compressor, please accept our warmest appreciation.
More power Engr. Ronnie Dagal.” – Neil Rillon, Class Feed Gas Compressor


Aaron Chester Maximo : “Sir Ronnie, thank you po s tips at reviewer n binigay nio po sa akin. malaki tulong po un sa akin. hindi po kayo nag sasawa tumulong. khit nasa abroad n po kmi. thank you O3GHSE OIL AND GAS! God bless po..” 
(Trans: Sir Ronnie I wanna thank you personally for the tips and reviewers you shared to me. They were all very helpful to me (in passing international exam from SADAF-Saudi Arabia Petrochemical Company). I do really appreciate your effort in helping us even when we are already working abroad. Thank you O3GHSE OIL AND GAS! God bless. – Aaron S. Maximo


From Ramil Callada: “I”d been through a lot of safety training from basic to advance, local and abroad but now after attending the 5-day International Oil & Gas SHE course made me understand the deeper meaning of oil and gas industry and its strict safety procedures. I believe every engineer, safety officer and those people who want to try the oil and gas industry must attend this course. Thanks to O3GHSE Oil and Gas Training Center! Sir Ronnie I learned a lot of things from the 5 days course and now I am well equipped to face the rigid interview of oil and gas. Again a million thanks to you and more power to O3GHSE Oil and Gas Training Center.” – Class DEA Regenerator


“I attended O3GHSE OIL AND GAS in 2009 and since then I never ran out of jobs. Thanks to Sir Ronnie for sharing your valuable experience in my early years. More power to your training center!. God bless” – Mike Catan – Rig Safety Training Coordinator


From Ronald Carreon, Class DEA Regen: “The 5-day Int’l Oil & Gas HSE course made me understand deeper the oil and gas industry. There were many terminologies and techniques I learned which were never taught in the school and not common to the local industry. I learned new knowledge especially the oil and gas process , gas liquefaction process, correct understanding of climate change as per Kyoto Protocol…all of which I can consider to be instrumental and advantage to the advancement of my professional career. Thanks to O3GHSE Oil and Gas training center!”
“The 5-day international Oil & Gas HSE training course was a complete package. Highly recommended to those who wants to learn. Oil & gas process regardless with your background..we dont need to be an engineer to learn oil & gas. thanks Sir Ronnie Dagal .. that was a priceless experienced.. Cheers!”   Ronald Carreon, Class DEA Regen


“More power and well done for sharing such a fruitful & great meaningful training at O3GHSE. Thank you so much Sir Ronnie.” – Ariel Dela Cruz (45 y/o, BSCE, Catanduanes State Colleges), hired sa Safety Supervisor by Almajdouie De Rijke Company (MDR) Logistics for MDR Sadara Chemical Plant, Saudi Arabia.


Ramil Callada, Class DEA Regen (BS Political Science; GAS Arabian Services): “I”d been through a lot of safety training from basic to advance, local and abroad but now after attending the 5-day International Oil & Gas SHE course made me understand the deeper meaning of oil and gas industry and its strict safety procedures. I believe every engineer, safety officer and those people who want to try the oil and gas industry must attend this course. Thanks to O3GHSE Oil and Gas Training Center! Sir Ronnie I learned a lot of things from the 5 days course and now I am well equipped to face the rigid interview of oil and gas. Again a million thanks to you and more power to O3GHSE Oil and Gas Training Center.”


(March 2015): First time work abroad, first time OIL AND GAS. “I am Arwin S. Maximo, 27 y/o. I arrived here in Saudi only last March 9. I am first time to work abroad and first time in the OIL AND GAS because of O3GHSE. I am hired as Mechanical Supervisor for main projects here in Saudi Aramco and SABIC Petrochemical. My employer saw my O3GHSE certificates and he told me ‘The reason why you were able to answer correctly our questions in the interview is because you have very good modules with O3GHSE training.’, Sir that is coming from my employer themselves.” – Arwin is hired by Poly-Tech Operation and Maintenance, KSA (www.polytech.com.sa), Class RDS, BSECE, Wesleyan Univ., Cabanatuan City.

Just in, March 13, 2015: “Sir, after the long queue, after the in-depth interview, after I passed the stringent interview and subsequently I was advised that THEY WILL PREPARE THE CONTRACT…as soon as I left the room, I felt victorious & teary eyed… I just can’t explain the feeling Sir because I was a walk-in applicant and you know the feeling of uncertainties due to the numbers of applicants who were vying for the position of Safety Officer for oil and gas, especially the company is a reputable Italian company. True enough O3GHSE is a big help for me in passing the interview. I am very thankful for your training, thank you O3GHSE! More power to you and O3GHSE!” – From CDC aka “Muscle Man of Gas Treater” is accepted by 2 companies in Qatar to work for LNG rich country. Class Gas Treater. CDC, 31 y/o, Bulacan State University, 2004. (Name withheld as per request)
Just in, March 13, 2015: From M.P.T. “They hired me as Schedule Engineer (Grade 12), the interviewers appreciated my effort having Oil & Gas HSE training. I’ve just applied the knowledge you imparted to us, Sir Ronnie. The interviewers were all Arabs from Aramco. Thank you Sir, I think the big factor why I was given a good offer is because of the O3GHSE training and certificates. I managed to sell myself just like what you advised us during our 5-day training. Now, I am just waiting for my ticket from Aramco.” – M.P.T. 31 y/o, (Class H2S Stripper), BSCE, Pangasinan State Univ., 2004. Name to be revealed once he arrives Aramco, Saudi Arabia.

(Nov. 2014) Frank Semilla hired as Safety Supervisor for Saudi Aramco. Assigned at GOSP, Dhahran. BSME, Univ. of Cebu.Class Coalescer: “Sir Ronnie this is to inform you that I am hired directly on Nov. 9 as Safety Supervisor by a multinational company (Saudi Aramco) operating mostly in the fields of oil & gas, petrochemicals with mega projects across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am hired without even being interviewed technically this was made possible after I sent my credentials especially O3GHSE certificates. When the employment offer was given to me, I signed it without hesitation. The offer was unbelievably lucrative, this all happened because of your guidance Sir Ronnie, thank you for the knowledge you shared. Actually Sir, I explained thoroughly the oil and gas process and that’s it.”

(12 Nov. ’14): “Thanks Sir Ronnie Dagal, I am now hired by Al Jaber Trading as HSE Officer here in Doha, Qatar. I belong to Class Hypochlorite. This is my first time to work abroad and I’m very lucky I’ve passed the interview and now I am in! Thanks to fellow O3G- Placer Boco Jr. for helping me a lot. I met him with my brother Siegfred also an O3G. Now I personally witnessed the spirit of friendship and brotherhood of O3GHSE while here in Qatar! We are helping each other in the best way we can. This is what we are, this is how we were taught and trained!” – Benjie De Sagun Magpile, 43 y/o, grad. of Technical Drafting, Batangas State Univ. Class Hypochlorite


Nov. 10, 2014: “Dear Sir Ronnie. First of all, Thanks & Glory be to God for all the blessings. I am a living example of “CAREER CHANGE.” Thanks Sir Ronnie for making my goals achievable.  In a span of less than 2 months after the 5-day IOGHSE training, I was able to pass the face-to-face interview of SABIC representatives here at Manila, even my  co-applicants/ contemporaries who attended safety training in other training centers here in the Philippines were impressed with me.  They kept on asking me how did I make it especially the  6-digits salary (in Php) whereas I am a FIRST TIMER in Saudi Arabia. I simply advise them go to O3GHSE to learn from them all the knowledge I have in terms of HSE in Oil&Gas/Petrochemical industry.  I will start my new career this November and I would like to encourage and advise  each individuals who wishes to have a Career Shift / Career Change  to take the 5-day IOGHSE training at O3GHSE training center.   Long live and more power to O3GHSE!  Training Date: June 30 – July 5, 2014. – July 5, 2014. SABIC interview date/ hired date:  Aug 23, 2014,  Departure:  Nov.  3rd week” – Hired by SABIC Saudi-Kayan as PROCESS SAFETY ENGINEER. Employment Status: Family Status, Free housing, Free education for kids, Free car with petrol allowance. Roel Faytaren (35 y/o, BSIE, Batangas State Univ.), Class Hypochlorite, Member PAHSEEWOG


Our participant David A. Marcelo has just been hired by a very prestigious company in the United Arab Emirates. The said company is Al Ghurair which operates in more than 20 countries, is one of the largest diversified industrial enterprises in the Middle East, with global reach and business roots stretching back half a century. He will come to Dubai (5/8/’14) and will stay in a luxury Apartelle/hotel for 3 weeks days before proceeding to the plant. He will undergo the company and HSE orientation. He was interviewed via Skype and was instantly selected. Employment offer: Family Status, Free housing, etc…Department: HSE. –  David A. Marcelo (BSCE) hired as HSE Executive, Class Slug Catcher


(14 Sept.’14): Our participant is soon to be hired by SAUDI ARAMCO AS SAFETY SUPERVISOR.From M.M. “got a phone interview from Saudi Aramco…According to the Safety Manager he will hire me as Safety Supervisor then my CV will be forwarded to HR Department for the letter offer…Thanks to O3GHSE training!” – M.M., Class Acid Rain 2010 MM is Tausug from Luuk, Sulu), BS Comp Engg, ZAEC now UDEZ, 39 y/o (UDEZ is Universidad de Zamboanga)


Product of O3GHSE: Result of the GAS TESTING examination (17/9/’14) given by Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company Limited (YASREF), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Name of O3GHSE participant is Joseph dela Fuente, Class Rich Gas. Test Score: 100%


14 Aug ’14: “Hi Sir Good evening , for the knowledge that we gained from your training center I am recently hired as HSE Officer at Tedeschia Construction Enterprises Company here in Qatar right now. Again thank you for the knowledge you have imparted to us. I just started last Tuesday the company is very good as well with free food, accommodation and transportation. Viva Class Heat Exchangers!” – Reynell Guillen, 39 y/o, BSCE (Aklan College), Class Heat Exchanger 2014


(20/9/14):”Aside from luck, having a good foundation and relevant trainings brings better opportunities on the technical know-how to our desired position. On this aspect, our training on O3GHSE comes into perspective. It pays a lot when it comes to emphasizing to the interviewer the depth and relevance of safety gained from our training. More power to O3GHSE:Sir Ronnie” – T. Galupe hired as Safety Officer by Joannou & Paraskevaides (Saudi Arabia), Class DHSV


Jamar Amil is hired as “HSE Inspector” in themost luxurious project ever in the State of Qatar! (Lusail Real Estate Development Company – LREDC ). Its website said “The business of LREDC encompasses the entire life cycle of the world class development – Lusail City in Qatar. ‘’Lusail City is the realization of the vision for the future of the State of Qatar set forth by H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar.” – Jamar is Class Coalescer, 2014


“I’ve learned a lot from the training…that I did not learned in my past work experience…tnx for the O3GHSE Training Center….Mabuhay!” – Leopoldo Dominguito, Safety Officer for Samsung Engineering, UAE for Ruwais Refinery Expansion. Class O2 Free


“Sir, initially I was hired by Tamkene Saudia(www.tamkeen.com) Training Center to be the TRAINOR for the IADC DIT Courses but now my responsibility is now beyond that.  Our featured clients are Schlumberger, Saipem for the IADC course, from H2S Course, PTW Course, etc. All the learning and knowledge from O3GHSE I was able to apply here.  I even revise their course content. Then Halliburton (USA) for Risk and Safety Management Training, here I found out the Risk Assessment Matrix sample in O3GHSE is the same in Halliburton. That gives me the edge bcoz I perfectly explained the matrix.  I gotta say my career in HSE it all started with O3GSHE bcoz after the O3G training that was the time I was transferred from Production Process operator to Safety  Department.”

Cristopher B. Suyam (31 y/o) hired as HSE Consultant at Tamkene Saudia last May (2014),BS.Chem, Mindanao Univ.of Science & Technology, Class Condensate

Cris Suyam pm via Fb (Aug. 14, 2014)

“I gotta say my career in HSE, it all started with O3GHSE. After the O3GHSE training, I was instantly transferred from Production Process operation to the Safety Department of a Japanese Chemical Multinational Company….and the rest is history. Currently, I’m working here in KSA, Tamkene Saudia Training. Initially I was hired as an HSE Trainer for IADC DIT courses for their featured clients Halliburton, Saipem and Schlumberger.And that foundation O&G knowledge, especially about qualitative and quantitative RAM I learned from O3GHSE training, paved my way to nail the job.Now, they put me as an HSE- Training Consultant! More power to you Sir Ronnie & to O3GHSE TRAINING CENTER. Hope there will be more people you can inspire. Sir Really! I think it was all a life changing experience to me. PS. Your extended After-Training-Support, its just awesome! It helps a lot, most especially for the starters. Thank you!”


“Hi Sir I’m Reynel Guillen, I am 39 years old graduate of Civil Engineering from Aklan College, I just would like to personally thank you for the knowledge that I gained from your training center, I am hired recently one the reputable construction companies here in Qatar right now. Viva Batch Heat Exchangers!” – Reynel Guillen, Class Heat Exchanger. Hired Aug 2014 by Tedeschia Construction Enterprises Company, Qatar with free food, accomodation & transportation.


Mark Anthony Rufinta now (10 Aug 2014)in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia: “As one of of your participants it truly made me globally competitive. I am hired by TOTAL SAFETY as H2S Safety Technician. With O3GHSE training I was able to answer the questions in their interview confidently. The Country Manager who is a foreigner was very impressed with me with my answers. Long live O3GHSE! Thank you Sir Ronnie for mentoring and sharing your knowledge & expertise in the oil and gas industry.” – Class DHSV Dec 2013 (Graduate of Pangasinan State Univ)


“The training we had at O3GHSE is very worthy and instrumental towards a successfull career in oil and gas. It has build my confidence by knowing the oil and gas process. I now work here in KUWAIT NATIONAL PETROLEUM COMPANY, Kuwait.” -Gelz Abasta, 33 y/o,  Class Gas Blanket, Micro Asia College of Science & Technology, Zambales, Phlippines.


“I passed earlier the stringent interview in Gogas(one of the oil & gas contractors of Adnoc Group of Companies, UAE) but unfortunately I did not accept their offer. But here’s one again… (can’t stop the O3GHSE graduates).

I could not believe that one of the biggest companies in the Middle East (AG) will call me for an interview via Skype and take note they need either Mechanical Engineer or Chemical Engineer but they selected me after 1 hour of interview (2 Americans/British) despite that I’m not that kind of engineer. The offer is very nice… Family Status (My wife and up to 2 siblings), Medical Insurance and many more…“Isa palang anak ko.” Hehe. (Though I have only one child as of now.)

I will join after one month as HSE Executive for ENERGY Division. Mabuhay kayo Sir at ang lahat ng O3GHSE Alumni. Maramimg maraming maraming salamat Sir  sa lahat ng O3GHSE don’t forget this…O3GHSE has KFC, K-Knowledge, F-Family, C-Connection” – David A Marcelo, Class Slug Catcher- (message sent Jully 1, 2014)

Update: Al Ghurair, Dubai, UAE is David’s company.


“We met in 2007 at Zakum West production platform then we met again in a gas liquefaction plant in an island. I saw your website and amazed how your training course have helped your participants joined the oil and gas industry. I wish I could join your training in the Middle East or in Manila.”- Mr. Kris Jans (Belgian), Operations Manager-Eurocorpex(Chemical Cleaning for Bundles, Heat Exchangers, etc…), Shareholder of ESAT, Midde East.


“O3GHSE is one of the best when it comes to safety in the oil and gas industry and the learning experience here is good and quality.  If you want to know the secrets in going to oil and gas industy go to O3GHSE! Thanks to Sir Ronnie in accommodating us and teaching us with regards on safety.  The important thing is the O3GHSE certificate is superb when you apply in the oil and gas industry!” – Jan Ingal, recently hired as Review Engineer (Material Standardization Department) Dharan office in Saudi Arabia.  Hired in January 2014. Class Gas Blanket, BMSE, Holy Angel University


“I am very pleased to say that I am now the overall Fleet Safety Supervisor at OceanaGold Philippines Inc (www.oceanagold.com). It is a multinational company that is operating four gold mines in New Zealand and the Philippines. I handle the overall safety of all transport, heavy equipment, and light vehicles that are used in operation for this company. Through your guidance I passed each and every interview with flying colors. The position was vacant for a year now and many have tried but I am the only one who got a third, fourth and a panel interview. I am working in a roster for 14 days and a paid vacation of 7 days. Transportation to and from the mine site is free. I have my own room and my own bathroom. All my meals are free with courses cooked by local chefs with foreign standards. Services are all provided for the company. Even free laundry! You just have to worry about your job and nothing else. I save all I earn. I come home every 2 weeks and enjoy my paid vacation for a week! Insurance and health benefits are also included. What more could i ask for? Its like i am working overseas but I’m in the Philippines. Thanks again! More power to O3GHSE.” – Mark Olalia Mendoza (BSME), Class MOV 2013


“Thank a lot Sir Ronnie The 5-day IOGHSE course was a big help to me. I was hired as a Safety & Fire System In-Charge for a logistic company here in Qatar. Long live to both of you and to O3GHSE” – ALAN DELOS PUYOS,St. Michael Academy, Oas, Albay. Class Re-streaming 2013, Pahseewog.  Hired by Gulf Warehousing Company, Qatar (Dec 5, 2013)


Myrlan Yumul (left Phils., Dec. 19, 2013): “Big big thanks to O3GHSE, Sir Ronnie, I want to thank for being a graduate of your school. O3GHSE has helped me a lot in my profession. O3GHSE helped me regain my confidence and be back in my oil and gas job! I am now in Africa for an offshore assignment. Our project is in Angola. It is an offshore project (SNX) under Chevron (USA). Again my Big Thanks to O3GHSE family! More power and God Speed!” – Myrlan was 52 y/o (MITME 1980) when he attended the IOGHSE, Class Condensate Line 2011. PAHSEEWOG Associate Member


Emerson S. Palino, 35 y/o, BSME, Univ. of Nueva Caceres, Naga City.  He is direct hired as “LNG Start-Up Specialist” in Curtis Island Gladstone Queensland, Australia.  Company: Bechtel Australia Team.  He learned LNG from O3GHSE.

“Sir positive… Good news I got my Australian visa today (21 Nov.’13) my Bechtel counselor send me email notification and I check it myself in the VEVO Australia (Visa Entitlement Verification Online)…and there my visa approved.. Thanks God..Thanks O3GHSE!”

“Sir, actually I was earlier accepted by JGS Petrochem for their new cracking plant but sad to say I have to give it up just to pave way for this once in a life time opportunity.”– Emerson S. Palino, Class Global Warmer


Bernard Comia, 30 y/o, IT, Univ. of the East,currently working at Greatwall Drilling Company Sudan Branch under China National Petroleum Company. I wanna thank O3GHSE for not just helping but making me a FULL-FLEDGED HSE OFFICER.   I don’t have any solid training in HSEMS, and to be honest I am more of a PPE only, a simple JSA and a daily routine inspection for about 4 years till the day I stepped in O3GHSE class room. From all the modules that we received and by continues study I was able to understand all kinds hydrocarbons from CH4 methane to C20H42 icosane, the chemistry of fire, propane BLEVE, flashpoint, FR, arc flash, auto ignition of certain gasses, safety techniques working in a highly flammable atmosphere using safe house habitat, inerting , pipeline intervention like hot tapping, line freezing, hot bolting only to name a few. When I was able to explain almost all of the modules to my superior all they can say is “Wow very good!” and this was the reason why I was in Beijing China for almost 2 weeks attending a Drilling and Workover Techniques.  I delivered HSE lectures to all of my colleagues who came from different projects like CHAD, NIGER, South SUDAN, and IRAQ. I used the knowledge I have received from O3GHSE and they were just amazed from what they heard from me.  At the end of my lectures, our Training Coordinator asked for my CV.  So my story is from a simple HSE officer who used to do simple toolbox meeting to a FULL FLEDGED HSE OFFICER. Currently I work both in HSE and Operation dept. in the main office of GWDC Khartoum Sudan Branch.” Class Propane ’13 (formerly  Class Avon 200)


One more participant made it with SABIC! -The largest company in the middle east, one of its company is Aramco. “Before anything else, I would like to thank Sir Ronnie for having O3GHSE here in Philippines! I just passed an interview with SABIC with the position of Telecom Specialist. To be part of Oil & Gas Industry is just a dream turned into reality. O3GHSE is an edge to a better future!!!” – Melven de los Reyes Atienza (BSECE, Liceo de Cagayan), Class Baffle Plate, October 201 via Facebook message (12 Nov. ’13)

“Sir Ronnie I just passed the telephone interview of Larsen & Toubro International for Saudi Aramco Project as HSE OFFICER. I was called and interviewed by one of the HR Officer of the said company. I was really surprised and shocked that I was called for an interview. The interviewer was satisfied and amazed on how I elaborate and discussed the procedure, terminologies and processes of gases. They need me urgently on their projects. O3GHSE, you’re the best.Mam Lhynn thank you for all the patience and hard work for our batch. MABUHAY po taung lahat, I’m proud to be O3GHSE Class Flash Drum (March 2013)– SOLOMON L. VILORIA, 37y/o, BS Criminology, Philippine College of Criminology. (Nov. 5, 2013)


“I am Frendo Tolentino, 30 yrs old, BSEE graduate from Pampanga, now working as HSE Engineer in Kuwait Oil Company since May 7, 2012. Before I was working in construction but O3GHSE changed my life when I attended in 2011, class GOSP. I attended the course pero hindi ko akalain ang bigat pala ng dinadala kong certificate. Dati nakatingin lang ako sa aklat at nagtatanong kung ano ang buhay sa oil n gas field, now nakaapak na ako ang “Sarap” pala, napakaganda ng sistema, hindi ka binabale wala at ikaw ang unang nirerespeto pagdating sa trabaho.Salamat O3GHSE sa lahat ng tulong mo, Sir Ronnie mabuhay ka! At sa lahat ng mga kamista ko sa O3GHSE. God bless us all.” -Frendo Tolentino, Class GOSP (BSEE, Don Honorio Ventura Technological State Univ., Pampanga)


“Sir Ronnie, Safety Manager na po ako sir with ABB Group, USA (listed #149, Fortune Top 500 comps). Nasa high rise po ako at pipeline for now. Habang andito pa ako sa US I was sent for a while sa YANBU ARAMCO SINOPEC REFINERY COMPANY, sa Saudi Arabia sa may Royal Commission. I am not gonna be here without you Sir Ronnie. thanks again! -James Vicman, BSCE, Class Gas Blanket 2011.  James is hired as Safety Manager by ABB Co. owned by Swedish Group of Companies


“I am proud to announce that I am one of the 8 lucky applicants that passed the stringent interview by Qataris in Manila on Sept. 19. There were 100 applicants for the job. Salamat po saO3GHSE! ” – Plaser Boco Jr., 42 y/o, BS Biology,Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation, San Carlos City, Pangasinan. Hired as HSE Officer for Al Jaber, Qatar. Class Boiling Point August 2013, Pahseewog member


“Truly building an HSE offshore foundation is the primary tool to achieve a certain goal in life. Thank you so much O3GHSE for imparting the robust foundation! Sir Ronnie, just to inform you that I am now working with SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Seoul Head Office as HSE Manager handling overseas & domestic projects particularly in Offshore & Onshore field of works. MABUHAY O3G!!! Again…I thank God and Sir Ronnie for imparting your God inherited expertise manifesting as a key tool for the continual advancement of my HSE career. Truly, the knowledge that I’ve gained during my training in O3G led me into successful and right directions. Together with my family we will continually praying to pour-out an abundant blessing to your prestigious training center…GOD Bless O3GHSE!!! – Renato V. Casem, Class Main Oil Line 2011


“During the interview the HSE Manager who is a Brunei national saw my O3GHSE certificate and asked me ‘What did you learn from O3GHSE training?’  I confidently explained the LNG process and the associated hazards and all what I learned from the training, while the other interviewer was listening.  They were impressed and so I got hired as a Safety Officer.  Were it not for O3GHSE training I would have not answered the oil and gas questions. Thanks to O3GHSE!”  Alvin Alagar hired as Safety Officer for Brunei’s Adinin Eng’g Comp. (subcon to Denmark’s Aker Solutions, client is Brunei Shell Petroleum), Class HCR 2012


“I will always remember O3GHSE. Every individual has at least one teacher in his life who leaves a great influence on his personality and that I would like to say ‘thank you to my good teacher Ronnie Dagal who continuously mold my personality to achieve my dreams and be better in Health and Safety profession.’ He indeed made my profession easy! I am hired as Corporate HSES Training Engineer by Chiyoda Philippines – Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation FEED and EPCm contract for Shell Tabangao Refinery Euro IV Compliance/Upgrade. This is because of the knowledge I gained in O3GHSE!”- Edward John Candaroma BSME), 29 y/o, Class Tail Gas 2011


“I would like to express my deepest appreciation to your training center  for the invaluable training that I underwent 4 years ago (Dec. 2009) which helped me landed my most coveted job for so long. The training I had was definitely an advantage especially during my job interview with the managers of Kuwait Drilling Company. The certificate I presented was indeed a very powerful tool and the modules that we have discussed were so invaluable. I was able to explain intelligibly the importance of knowing the gases, the processes, the correct terminologies and the proper techniques in working under a very dangerous and flammable atmosphere. After that interview, I was immediately hired and so again, many, many thanks to O3GHSE and all the personnel, especially, for without the knowledge I learned in the training I would not be able to answer all their questions in the interview. God bless you and your training center.” – Arthur Dagal is hired right after the interview by Kuwait Drilling Company on a 28/28 work cycle, Class Nitrogen 2009.  He will work on a 28/28 cycle, that is 28 days work in Kuwait & 28 days rest in the Philippines with full salary while on vacation and free plane ticket.


“Good day everyone just call me Chris for short, Class Oily Water, 26 yrs old, HRM graduate from Baguio City and live in Sta. Mesa, Manila. I wasn’t expecting at all that as an HRM (Hotel & Restaurant Management) graduate like me would join oil and gas industry that I will be able to pass all the interviews conducted by the employer. This was all because of my training with O3GHSE. To become an HSE Officer after the training with O3GHSE is unbelievable for they truly gave me great knowledge…the interviewer can’t help but told me “Excellent!” even the marine department was satisfied with me.

I passed the final interview in Brunei as HSE Officer, the name of the company is Armada Jaya Sdn. Bhd., a contractor of Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) for offshore project. I am coming home to Manila next month in order to fix my medical, etc…I am tourist here in Brunei. God bless to all”- Johan Christopher Ebin, HRM, Member Pahseewog


“Thank you Sir Ron and also to God for having O3GHSE and the knowledge I learned about oil and gas especially my favorate topic LNG , now I am with Samsung Engineering for Aramco Wasit Project, Saudi Arabia hired as a HSE Document Controller. Thanks again Sir Ronnie. I am proud to be an O3GHSE participant.” – Rey Alvin Montalbo Castillo, BS Nursing (Class Tail Gas, 2011)


Daniel Anthony Tumanda on O3GHSE “Other training centers (including overseas) may have the best trainors but don’t have the right modules. O3GHSE has the well experienced trainors and the “perfect modules” in understanding the safety in oil and gas and its process. Thank you Engr. Ronnie Dagal for sharing your knowledge and experience to us. I’m now in Morocco since April 5, 2013 and working with Korean company GPEC under Daewoo as Welding Inspector in Jorf Lasfar Fertilizer Plant in El Jadida. I’m thankful to be back in the field of plant construction after being out for 3 years. I’m proud to be a graduate of O3GHSE. God bless to both of you and O3GHSE.” – via Facebook message.


“Sir I just want to thank you for the patience and enthusiasm you have given to our batch during the training it paid off. I was able to penetrate the oil and gas industry, I’m now with Madina group here in Qatar assigned at Shell Pearl GTL. I recently passed as Authorized Gas Tester im just waiting for my certification from Shell. Thanks again Engr Ronnie and more power to O3GHSE!”- Johannes De Gaulle Navarro, Class Liquid Flare 2012.  He shifted his career to oil and gas.


“I’m an O3GHSE product…I’m proud to be an O3GHSE graduate.  I’m currently HSE Coordinator on-board offshore construction barge (derrick and pipe laying specialist). We install oil and gas platforms and sub-sea pipelines mostly here in Southeast Asia. Again, thank you Sir! . More power to you!” – Seth Broce Villaflor, BSME, 37 y/o, Class Cryogenic 2012 *******************************************

“Hi Sir Ronnie! I would like to thank you for imparting us knowledge and confidence during our 5 days training about HSE. I was recently hired as HSE Officer & QA/QC Assistant at Hafilat Industries in ICAD Abu Dhabi and successfully passed the probationary period.Thank you once again and more power to your company. God Bless!”-Francis de Pirro, 39 y/o (BS Criminology)


“I thanked O3GHSE for passing the interview, they asked me about risk assessment alhamdulillah it was very easy question for me”- Ashary Gao 32 y/o, BS Business Admin., Class NASA 2013.  Hired by Qatar Fuel Additives, State of Qatar as HSE Officer.  First time in the safety profession.  Class NASA 2013


“Thanks Sir Ronnie & to  O3GHSE! I just got hired as HSE Supervisor and will be working at EMAL (Emirates Aluminum) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  More power to you Sir.  God bless!” – Lymwel Rotamola via Facebook (Feb. 9, 2013),  Member PAHSEEWOG.


“The training we had at O3GHSE is our ticket towards a successful career in Oil & Gas!” – Burt N. Diaz, Class Lean Gas (May 2012) Member PAHSEEWOG.  He recently passed two (2) international oil and gas companies (Operator & EPC).

Burt Diaz was able to impress the foreign interviewers (client), he is requested to coordinate the hiring of the 60 Safety Personnel to work for Gulf Consolidated Company for Aramco Projects thru Skills Intl Co., Inc.(www.skills-intl.net). Pls email: burtndiaz@gmail.com &/or burt.diaz@skills-intl.net



Emerson Palino on passing the Qatar Petroleum’s (QP) Permit To Work Recevership Test with flying colors:  “Thank you Sir! There were 6 modules, I got 5 modules at 100% and other module 85% giving ave. rating of 97.5%. All these happened because of my O3GHSE training. Thanks and more power!” – Emerson S. Palino, BSME (HSE Engr), Roots Energy & Engineering Services, Qatar.  Member Pahseewog


The Only Filipino Female Oil & Gas Health & Safety Officer in the UAE

‘I was selected as Health & Safety Officer because of the knowledge and certificates of your training center.  I am in-charge of  the oil and gas projects of our company in Zadco.  Thanks to O3GHSE! Ms. Mae Montes, Oil & Gas Health & Safety Officer,  Action International Services, Dubai, UAE.

“Thanks po Sir Ronnie…. laking tulong po talaga ng O3GHSE certificate ko…. offshore ang 1st project ko as safety officer…mas maganda po ang sahod, benefits at workload. Salamat po talaga sa inyong dalawa!”- Maya Mae Montes via Facebook


“Good day! This is Jasper from class September 2009, I am already here in Kuwait for 2 years.  I am working for Kuwait Oil Company, a subsidiary of Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation as QHSE Instructor.” – Jasper E. Bautista (BS Criminology) hired as QHSE Instructor for  Kuwait Oil Company, a subsidiary of Kuwait National Oil Company. Class 2009, Pahseewog Member


“O3GHSE is simply the best ever course I have ever made. It is the key to knowledge in oil and gas industry from the leaders and the experts who had their hands on the business from both practical and theoretical perspectives. Eng Ronnie is remarkably excellent, friendly and knowledgeable.  I thanked O3GHSE and wish to meet the nice staff again and again.” – Iraqi Basim Safandi (Occupational Safety & Health Manager), HSE Advisor Beach Energy Australia, BSCE, Univ. of Baghdad. Class Sulfur Condenser


“Sir, Thank you very much. I’m here now at working at BINZAGR Co. Ltd, KSA as Safety Superintendent. Earlier I was also accepted as Safety Officer in Hertel OTC but it was too late that time I was having my PDOS. I also passed and accepted as Safety Officer in AYTB KSA. Truly the knowledge that I learned in O3GHSE Training Center helps me a lot. Again thank you very much Sir” – Joseph Dela Fuente, 31 y/o, BSN (under graduate), Our Lady of Fatima Univ., Member PAHSEEWOG  Class Rich Gas 2012


“I am now working in Kuwait as HSE Engineer for Kuwait Combined Group Contracting Companies.  O3GHSE training was a big plus points for me when I applied for the HSE Engineer position.  It was the main reason why I was the only one hired among the shortlisted candidates.  I am very thankful for the knowledge that you shared to us and wish you to continue what you have started.  SHOKRAN KATIR MUDIR!” –Hemuso Ong hired as HSE Engineer by Kuwait Contracting Group of Companies (KCGC).  He was the only hired among the shortlisted applicants.


“I was able to answer the interviewers’ questions easily because of O3GHSE training. Thank you Sir Ron” – Engr. Marlon Salazar (28 y/o, BSME, Lyceum of the Phils.)accepted by ARAMCO, KSA as ‘Operations Trainor’. (He is the youngest Filipino & expat ever hired in the capacity of ‘Operations Trainor’ in Aramco. First time to work abroad.) Attended April 2010.


“Many of us who have taken the famous Nxbosh course thought we were already expert in the HSE until I attended O3GHSE. I learned so many things and techniques in the oil and gas industry which were not taught in all the past courses that I have attended. The most important thing was I learned the oil and gas process, gas liquefaction process, hazards identification, terminologies, the latest trend in the O&G risk assessment, understanding the climate change brought about by the industry and its solutions, the greenhouse gases protocols and many more. I learned the techniques in working in flammable atmosphere which I now used and applied during work and during job interviews. Now I feel confident because of the knowledge that I have learned.” -Chris Nilayan, Safety Engineer, Mapua Inst. of Technology (Worley Parsons, KSA) , Class Gas Blanket 2011, Pahseewog Member


“Thanks Sir Ron. I’m now working with Gulf Consolidated Contractors Company Ltd. Dammam, KSA. I would like to thank you for the knowledge you’ve imparted to me. I was able to convinced my employer to hire me as an HSE- EMS Inspector/Coordinator. Long live O3GHSE.” – Sol Madrona, 40 y/o, BS Business Management (North Central Mindanao College) Attended January 2012,  Class Vortex Breaker (GCC works for Aramco projects in Saudi Arabia)


“The training that I got from you is all worth it. It has build my confidence by knowing the oil and gas process. It is not enough to know only the basic occupational safety when it comes to oil and gas, one has to know the process in order to understand the concept of oil & gas safety in the truest sense. As I always hear from an HSE expert ‘ a safety officer or HSE advisor without knowing the process is a shortchanged in the industry”, you are right Sir. I passed the interview and was accepted as Field Engineer!  Thanks & more power to O3GHSE!”-John Jerson dela Rosa, 22 y/o (BS Computer Science), hired as Field Engineer for Hyundai Heavy Ind. for Integrated Gas Development Proj., Abu Dhabi.  IGD is an offshore major gas development by Adma-Adnoc, Das Island, UAE.  Class Pyrophoric, Jan. 2011 PAHSEEWOG member


“Were it not for O3GHSE I would be stuck in the Philippines for long. Thanks a lot to Sir Ron! I passed the interview and exams.  Without my knowledge in the oil and gas I would not be selected by Hartel International Comp., KSA. Thanks O3GHSE! More power!” – Roy Delfino, 31 yrs old (BS Compsci, Naga City) accepted as Safety Officer for Hertel Industrial Int’l Comp, KSA.


“Hi Sir Ronnie I was hired by GHRDC, UAE (Gulf Human Resources Dev. Comp. Est.), I am assigned at the National Marine Dredging Company. I passed the stringent interview of the HSE Superintendent as HSE Officer. The course that I took up in your training center was big help during the interview and the certificates were very valuable during the shortlisting. I will recommend to my fellow Safety Officers to to attend the training in O3GHSE. Thank you very much for the knowledge that you shared to us, it really worked and is very effective. It has molded me and gave me confidence into stepping to a greater success on my career.” – Norman Maas, Class Fauna, April 2012,

“Sir Ronnie, thank you very much that I joined in O3GHSE training in Ocotber 2010. You taught us so much, but mostly you shared yourself and we really appreciate your excellent teaching skills that help us all be better. I will be joining in KEO International, Qatar as Consultant of one major government projects. Once again I would like to extend warm thanks to you and O3GHSE. God bless and more power!” – Dennis Manuel, Class Christmas Tree 2010, Dubai.


“Sir Ronnie! Thank you very much for your teaching thank you very much to O3GHSE. I recently passed the interview of the Australian firm and was given a position of HSE Trainor. God bless you and O3GHSE!” Nathan Aguasa, attended 2009


“I am very thankful that I joined your training and educated thru O3GHSE. Those knowledge I applied during the interview. I now work in Singapore as Project Engineer for Accesstech Engineering Pte Ltd-Singapore for Procter & Gamble Innovation Center Project . Im excited to say I am direct hired. This is my first time to work abroad.Thank you so much Engr. Ronnie Dagal. More power!” – Rowell dela Cruz, 26 y/o, (BSME, TIP), Class Octane 2011, Member PASHEEWOG


“I am very glad and thankful that I joined O3GHSE training. It helped me a lot to answer professionally the questions that were asked by the foreigners. It was a success. I will join as HSE Inspector for the Gulf Consolidated Contractors (GCC) based in Damman Saudi Arabia. GCC has the largest project in Aramco infrastructure. I am wishing for the continuous success of your training in order to help others particularly those aspirants who wanted to work in the oil and gas industry abroad. I was the only one who passed the HSE interview.Tears for my sweet victory showed up when I signed my employment contract. Thank you Engr. Ronnie Dagal for the knowledge and skills that you imparted to me and Lean Gas.” Ryan Pertez , (28 y/o, BSECE, AMA Univ.) Class Lean Gas, May 2012, Affiliate Member PAHSEEWOG

Pertez was the only one who passed the oil and gas interview conducted by an Arab & Pakistani.


Thank you so much Sir Ronnie for all the knowledge that I gained from you both, it really helped me a lot. Because of those O3GHSE trainings & certificates, one of the international oil & gas drilling company hired me as a Rotary Steerable System Quality Controller for their Repair & Maintenance Dept. Nowadays, Safety (HSE) is very important, especially if you are in oil & gas business,most of the major companies are actually looking for a safety oriented applicants,even if you are not a safety officer in profession they will still prefer those who have strong knowledge in oil & gas HSE. – John Anselle Caubat, (BSEE, Univ. Cebu) hired as RSS QC Inspector by Weatherford Drilling Services Middle East, UAE


“I was in a manufacturing company and successfully shifted to safety profession with link to oil and gas industry. I am hired as Safety Supervisor by ABV Rock Group Ltd., Saudi Arabia for McDermott Oil and Gas Piping fabrication project. Thank you very much for uplifting ourselves and giving us confidence to apply in safety profession. Thanks Sir Ronnie for the valuable tips and techniques you taught us during our training.”Dennis Tolentino, 34 y/o (BSEE, Southern Luzon Polytechnic College). Class Sphering Feb. 2012

Message via Facebook: June 2, 2012 , Dennis Tolentino after passing the Aramco exams & panel interview-

“Thank you Lord for the blessings today. I just passed the Saudi Aramco panel interview and written exam this morning. One American, one Pakistani, and two Saudis who are top bosses of Saudi Aramco interviewed me. I was so nervous at the start, but I felt better in the middle of the interview until it ends when they said ‘Don’t be nervous because you are doing good, your answers are good.’ Then they recommended me for written exam. Finally this afternoon, I was informed by my boss that I was accepted and I will be assigned tomorrow in Saudi Aramco project immediately. Thanks again to Sir Ronnie and O3GHSE which I can considered my foundation of knowledge in Oil and Gas Safety.” – Dennis Tolentino (June 2, 2012) in Saudi Arabia, Class Sphering 2012


Sir Im thankful that you have imparted to us your knowledge, skills and experience in the field of oil and gas. I was hired by Hyundai Engineering and Construction Ltd. for Borouge 3 Project here in Ruwais, Abu Dhabi-UAE. Thank you Sir Ronnie, God bless O3GHSE! – Bensario Consejo, 28 y/o, Class Dry Gas 2011. He successfully shifted his career to oil and gas industry.


“I recently passed 2 job interview as HSE Officer(Health, Safety & Environment), I chose SNC LAVALIN (Qatar) because there is no placement fee. I would like to inform you that I was the only one considered for the job as I was able to answer correctly the questions while the others who came from other training center failed miserably as well as the seasoned OFWs. I am really grateful with your training center! I will have my pre-employment medical exam and next is processing.” – Rogato Balag Jr., 33 y/o, (BA, Major in Philosophy, Univ. of San Carlos, Cebu City), former high school teacher at St. Michael’s College. (SNC Lavalin is one of Canada’s biggest & reputed eng’g comp. for oil and gas industry worldwide) message via Facebook, Apr. 26, 2012)


I was able to shift to oil and gas industry through Al Masood Oil Industry Supplies & Services Company, UAE. The training I got from your training center has helped me a lot during the interview. The certificate was a great plus point to my employment. – Ruel Cabatingan, 36 y/o, IT (AMA Univ., Manila), hired by Al Masaood OISS-UAE. Class Reactor 2012


O3GHSE training center gave me great knowledge in safety (HSE) even if I was not in the oil and gas industry. I gained a lot of ideas in safety profession. Those knowledge I now used here in my position in Dubai, UAE. I am proud to be one of yourstudents.Sir thank you very much just keep up the good work, God bless and more power! – Anthony Rubia, 24 y/o, STI, QC. Hired by Arabtech, Dubai, UAE as A/Safety Officer. Class Dry Gas 2011


Sir Ronnie thanks a lot for the training, I will be working as Safety Engineer in Saudi Arabia for Aramco projects. – Symon Salazar, 27 y/o, Class Sphering 2012, Member PAHSEEWOG


“I just got hired by TOTAL Philippines Corporation as Maintenance Engr/HSE Assistant. I am assigned at LPG plant. I am enjoying my work as HSE Assistant and applying the knowledge I learned in your training center. More power to O3GHSE!” – Juan Paolo Tirados (BSME), Class Greenhouse Gas 2010


“Sir thank you it was truly a big help that I got trained in your training center. The employer was very impressed on the training modules especially when I presented my O3GHSE certificates. I am hired by Powerline Engineering in Doha, Qatar.” – Ryan Aviles, 30 y/o (BS Nursing), accepted as Safety Supervisor. Class Annuli (Aug) 2010,


Rodel Royo accepted as Safety Supervisor for Kentz-Saudi Arabia. Kentz is Ireland s biggest engineering & construction company. From Rodel:Sir musta. Medical na ako bukas, Saudi-Kentz ang company ko (How are you Sir? I will have my medical exam tomorrow (19th March 12), my company is Saudi-Kentz).


“Thank you O3GHSE I was one of your participants, I would like to inform you that I was promoted to HSE Manager last year (Jan. 2011). I am very grateful for having attended O3GHSE because those lessons that I learned from you were so useful to me and to my project as well. I am working with Khurais Crude Contractor (KCC) under the umbrella of (SATORP) Saudi Aramco Total Refinery Project (JERP) Jubail Export Refinery Project-KSA. It’s a great honor to be one of your products. Thanks Sir Ronnie.  May God bless your family and O3GHSE!” – Rechae Gepitulan, HSE Manager (Khurais Crude Contractor, Saudi Arabia), attended April 2010(batch mate of Momar Mundoc, who was earlier hired by Qatar Petroleum).


“Assalamu Alaikum Thank you Sir Ronnie for the knowledge you shared to us O3GHSE participants. I am currently working as Safety Inspector, direct hire for Drydocks World Dubai UAE, a ship repair yard of choice i.e, vessel conversion, new building and offshore construction.Again thank you and Youre the Man Sir Ronnie Dagal! – Radzma-son Dayani (27 y/o, BSME, Western Mindanao Univ.), direct hired by Drydocks World-Dubai, UAE. First time to work overseas.Class Tail Gas, Nov.’ 2011, PAHSEEWOG Affiliate Member


“Free condominium, free food, free transportation, nice compensation and of course free round trip plane ticket after 1 year and 21 days vacation. 2 years contract but can take a vacation after a year. Well, what do you expect from a product of O3GHSE, the best of course, right sir? Ive already signed my job contract. They will first send me to Italy for 3 months for further HSE specialization, I think it is quite normal for big companies. It will definitely help me a lot in many ways for my own good, isnt it Sir, in order for me to familiarize with the duties and responsibilities. The truth is during the interview, it was very easy for me to answer their questions, I am not saying I know all but all of the answers to the questions I already learned from our class. I guessed the interviewers were totally impressed with my answers. – James Vicman (BSCE, 45 y/o) accepted as Safety Supervisor for Bonatti General Contractor for Oil & Gas and Power. Bonatti is one of Italy’s biggest and ranked as world’s best EPC. Class Gas Blanket 2011, PAHSEEWOG Member. First time to work for the oil & gas overseas.

“First of all, thank you. I am very happy that I attended the Dubai O3GHSE Training. I am currently working as a SH&E Sr. Supervisor with Advanced Military Maintenance Repair Overhaul Center (AMMROC), a Mubadala Aerospace, Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky Company here in UAE. We are supporting the UAE Air Force and Air Defense on their fleet of aircraft. I joined the company last June 2011 and the topics of the training I learned helped me a lot on landing this job.Once again, thank you, more power and you’re the man! Kind Regards, Cromwell Olavides” Class Christmas Tree Dubai 2010, PAHSEEWOG Member


“The knowledge I gained from O3GHSE has helped me a lot to get qualified and hired as HSE Supervisor for Belgium’s no. 1 construction company, the Belhasa Sixcon. I believed that knowledge is access to power. Being a graduate of O3GHSE is an advantage to become a successful Safety Practitioner be it in the oil and gas or construction.” -Tony Atienza, 41 y/o, BS Economics (Univ. of Batangas). Class, BLEVE. He will be assigned in Dubai, UAE.

(“There is a lot of HSE traning centers in the Philippines and around the world as well but one thing I experienced from O3GHSE IS THE QUALITY of training and UNLIMITED & ENDLESS support from our mentor Sir Ronnie Dagal. Thank you very much Sir and more power to O3GHSE!”- Tony Atienza)


From Aristotle dela Cruz on passing PTW (Permit To Work) receivership given by Takreer-UAE on Dec 4, 2011:

Thanks Sir Ronnie for O3GHSE! I took your course in 2008 but I can still remember your lectures vividly which has build my confidence when I was taking the PTW receivership exam. Although I am just barely two (2) months working in Ruwais for Takreer as Piping Supervisor and new to oil & gas, I was the only one who passed the PTW receivership while rest of the applicants were unsuccessful including foreigners and local guys. Other applicants were even repeaters and yet still unsuccessful.I am proud to say I took it only one time because of the O3GHSE training. I was telling my colleagues here in Ruwais to take your course in order to pass the PTW receivership exam. I really appreciate and valued your course and modules. Again, thank you very much Sir! (Aris dela Cruz, 35 y/o, BSME. Assigned in Takreer (UAE) Inter-Refinery Pipeline. Former MMDA employee & shifted career to oil and gas. Attended O3GHSE in 2008.)


“I would like to inform you and thank you for the knowledge that I gained from O3GHSE. I am now working at SRAK as HSE Field Supervisor since June 2011. Again, many, many thanks Sir Ronnie. Mabuhay O3GHSE! God bless and more power! Im planning to attend more courses at O3GHSE.” Cris Manuyag, BS Marine Engg, 37 y/o, hired by SRAK, Saudi Rub Al Khali (owned by Aramco & Shell) as Health, Safety & Environment Field Supervisor, 28/28 work rotation. Class, Global Warmers, September 2010


I wish to express ‘Big Thank You for O3GHSE’ and most especially to you Sir Ronnie because of the knowledge that you shared to us, I was the one who got qualified and selected as Quality Control Engineer for Belhasa Six Construct-Dubai, UAE. I was able to answer the questions pertaining to oil and gas. Sir you’re the best! – Renie Boy E. Ortega, 32 y/o (BSCE, Univ. of Batangas) Class Main Oil Line June 2011


“Sir Ronnie. Finally I’m going to start at Managed Pressure Operations (MPO-USA) based in Dubai, UAE dealing with drilling operations and it will be on Dec. 15, ’11. Thanks for the training and knowledge that I’ve gained last year October. I’ll be working there as an Equipment Engineer.” – Engr. Pat Torres Jr., Class Cryogenic2010


Thank you so much for the knowledge, experience, time & trivia that you imparted onto us it was very fruitful. Now that I have attended your class I feel more confident & ready to kick in for the interview. This has definitely been the best investment for my HSE career. I’ll certainly be back for another course in the future. Once again ‘thank you’ to you Engr. Ronnie Dagal! God bless to you and to your family -Engr. EJ Candaroma (BSEE, HSE Advisor, Rowan Drilling Comp., KSA), Tail Gas 2011


I would like to say thank you for all the support especially the training that you’ve given me. I was promoted as HSEO in my present company (Gulf Drilling Services, KSA). Again, Thank you Sir. -Greggy Manlangit, BSN (22 y/o), Class Condensate 2011

“I was hired as HSE Superintendent by Mott MacDonald, UK (PMC-Project Management Consultant) for the Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project. I will handle the Jetty and Marine Area. I learned a lot of strategies during thecourse which I applied during the interview. The gas liquefaction and the oil & gas processes which you taught us helped me in getting this high post. I focused the conversation on the process and they were impressed with me. I considered this as a great opportunity. Thanks a lot Sir, MABUHAY KA SIR!”Roberto Madrideo Jr., 36 y/o, BS Marine Engg, Enverga Univ., Lucena City, Philippines – Class, Christmas Tree, Dubai


“The best HSE educational center. Well done!”-Ali Noor Ismail, Production Supervisor, Zakum Central Processing Platform, UAE (via Facebook message)


I personally thank Sir Ron for sharing priceless knowledge & ideas about oil and gas safety awareness. We are not just trained, we are in the business right now. At the moment I am caught between 2 international companies though still indecisive which one to join. Most probably I will be joining the Ferguson Group-UK as Test Engineer. Possibly I’ll be going to Scotland for a week this year(2011) for training as part of the employment on manufacturing process of offshore containers & baskets. They were really attracted with the trainings I got in your training center especially with International Oil & Gas HSE Certificate that made me significant amongst other candidates.Engr. Kim Llanes, BSME, 25 y/o (Class, Thermal Oil, Jan. 2010)


“Sir Ronnie, thanks to O3GHSE training. I’m an attendee last December. I was recently hired by CB&I as HSE Supervisor for Gasco Train 4 Project in Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Sorry for the late info, I’ve been very busy adjusting these past days.” – Ralph Magsino, 27 y/o (BSME-Batangas State Univ.). Class NatGas. Hired by Chicago, Bridge & Iron (USA).Successfully shifted to oil and gas HSE (Safety) profession through O3GHSE training.


I would like to express my gratitude to you for giving me a golden knowledge for my improvement. Thanks for the support, guidance and giving me a wonderful career opportunity and continue to guide me. Thanks for giving me advice in my career. I hope I can repay someday your gratitude. – Francis Reyes, 23 y/o, BS Nursing. Hired as Safety Officer by Steelmech Engineering Services Pte Ltd, Singapore Class, Feed Gas 2010.


Sir, thank you very much. It was a very informative training. I never had the experience of working in the oil and gas industry before but when I was interviewed in London for this project (UAE), the questions were more on HSE and working in the oil and gas environment. Luckily, I completed O3GHSE training earlier before the interview and as what they always say “the rest is history”. I completed the O3GHSE training in May 2009 & joined my company Nov. 2009. – Arthur Damasco, 32 y/o, BSCE (St Louis Univ., Baguio City, Phils.)hired by a multi-national comp. in the UAE as Construction Manager. In-charge of all the oil & gas comps in the middle east. – message via Facebook.


Sir Ronnie many thanks!I would like to inform you that I’m now hired as Safety Officer with SAMBO E&C, based in Das Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our client isADGAS. God Bless and More Power O3GHSE! – Lymwel P. Rotamola, 30 y/o, RME – Univ. of Eastern Philippines (Catarman, Northern Samar), Class, Nitrogen (Dec. 2009)


First of all, I would like to thank my mentor Sir Ronnie for conveying his tremendous knowledge and experiences during my training last June 2011. It is rarely to receive within a couple of weeks after my training inO3GHSEa bundle of opportunities knocking on my door BUT I HAVE IT and finally hired by Belgium largest company as Safety Manager. TRULY! You are helping and leading people into greener pasture. Being a part of the family, I will continually pray for the maximum yield harvest for O3GHSE training center.MABUHAY!

Thank you Sir for everything…Stay Blessed and more POWER to O3GHSE! Godspeed, Rene Renato Casem, BSEE, TIP. PAHSEEWOG Affiliate Member. Accepted as Safety (HSE) Manager for BESIX, Belgium’s biggest international engineering company. Class Main Oil Line 2011.


Thanks for the knowledge I learned from your training center. – Elbert Almasco, BS Nursing, (Univ. St. Anthony, Iriga, Bicol). Hired as Safety Officer by Zelan Holding Company for Abu Dhabi Meena Port, UAE. Class, Dry Gas 2011


“I am Joey, I am not sure if you still remember me butI was one of yourO3GHSE participants.
Though, I never became aSafety Officer I didget into the Oil and Gas industry and your seminar helped me a lot! Hope yourseminars are still on going because I know they helpthe participants very much.” – Joey Ordonez, 38 y/o, BSME, University of the Philippines (UP-Diliman). Hired as Quantity Surveyor by Spiecapag Niugini, Papua New Guinea. Client ESSO-LNG.


“Based from the knowledge that I have learned from O3GHSE Course I was hired as an HSE Training Superintendent on Jubail Export Refinery Project 2A Conversion Unit of SATORP (Saudi Aramco Total Refinery Petrochemical Company) our client. Our Main Contractor is Technip France and our company is Astaldi Arabia Ltd an Italian company based in Rome. I THANK YOU very much SIR RONNIE about all the knowledge and explanations that you have imparted to us. It is an honor to be a participant to your class and now companies are hiring us because of this knowledge that we have learned from you. More power to you.”

-Benjamin P. Rimando Jr. (BS Nursing, 44 y/o) HSE Training Superintendent, Astaldi Arabia Ltd., Class LPG, PAHSEEWOG Member


Sir Ronnie! Thanks to O3GHSE!I am directly hired by KUWAIT DRILLING COMPANY. I will be mobilized next month (July 2011). Thanks again Sir – Michael Catan, 25 y/o, BSME Batch Seven (2009). Hired asRig Safety Inspector. Mike Catan is now in Oman, he preferred the Bechtel (USA)-Oman PDO Project.


“Indeed O3GHSE is an instrument that God used for me to reach my goal. To be a part of a world’s largest conglomerate company Kellogs Brown & Root (KBR), Qatar. Thank God for O3GHSE! More power boss Ronnie” – Charlie Crisostomo, (BSME) Class Pyrophoric (Jan 2011). PAHSEEWOG member.


“I havea good news for you, I am working now as aCompany Rep. Offshore for Adma-Opco, UAE. I am in Zakum field doing a water injection upgrade in a super complex. I want to thank you very much foryour help I really gained a lot of knowledge from your course and I am happy to come back to your training center and do more courses in the future.” -Bilaal Musa, Graduate of Wellington College, New Zealand, Class Greenhouse Gas (2010)


“I just want to inform you that I passed the interview just today (May 2, ’11), at Al-Hammam Co. with 4 major projects with Saudi ARAMCO, I will be assigned at Ras Tanurah, as Safety Supervisor. This is my first time abroad, I am really thankful that I attended your training program. It helped me a lot and gave all the necessary knowledge and tools in the interview.Once again, thank you & more power to Sir Ronnie & to O3GHSE Training Center!” – Cromwell Lazaro, (BSIE), Class Paraffinic Naptha (Mar 29 – 1April ’11), Affiliate member of PHASEEWOG


“Thank you very much Sir Ronnie for the knowledge and most especially for your unfailing support! You are really one of a kind Sir! O3GHSE gave me the confidence I needed that is the reason why I passed the series of interview and 2-hour examination. I will be forever thankful to Sir Ronnie. Long live O3GHSE! Mabuhay!” – Neal Martinez, BSME. Accepted as Field Safety Engr direct-hired by National Drilling Company, Abu Dhabi. Work rotation, 28/28. Class Bitumen, 2009


“I am deeply honored and privileged to be one your participants. You have made us motivated and a safety oriented individuals. Your practical knowhow and actual personal experiences in the oil and gas made you thebest trainer and mentor. After the training I was able to get a promotion as DCS/Panel Engineer, prior to that I was a Field Operator. This was after a stringent & comprehensive evaluation with greater emphasis on safety knowhow and practices. Thank you so much Sir Ronnie & to all O3GHSE staff!” – Emerson S. Palino, 32 y/o, BSME, Class, Global Warmers (Sept 2010) Hassad Petrochemicals/Jubail Chemical Industries, KSA( Nama Chemicals, Affiliate).


“Many thanks Sir for the training I was able to pass the interview and exams. I finished the U.S. embassy interview for my assignment in Cuba Guantanamo Bay. At the moment, I am only waiting for my flight schedule. Again Sir many, many thanks for the lots of knowledge on the oil and gas I learned in your training center!” – Benjamin Ignacio, 24 y/o, BS Nursing. Hired as Safety Officer for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Class, Global Warmers, 2010)


“I would like to express my gratitude to O3GHSE and to you personallyfor opening another door of opportunity for my career. I will be forever thankful for the knowledge you have imparted to me and to all O3G participants. Thank you so much Sir Ronnie, pls. continue to be a blessing to everyone.” – Berciri Amper, 35 y/o, BS Marine Engg – hired as Crewing Manager for Sixconstruct (Belgium’s biggest int’l comp, Besix). Sixconwill work for Adnoc Group, UAE. Class, Greenhouse Gas


“Attending a session in O3GHSE is attaining a significant knowledge towards a greater success. Finding a job is just like finding a treasure which requires map and a compass (or knowledge and a reference). Thanks to God and to Engr. Ronnie Dagal.” Brandy Yanes, (BSEE) – hired by Adma-Opco, Abu Dhabi as HSE Engr., 21/21 work cycle (Class, Ozone). He is assigned in Das Island.


“The training I had in your training center was a big help to me to get this current job. I learned the technical process of oil and gas especially LNG. My new company is engaged in constructing FPSO-FSRU (LNG). Although, we learned from every project we had in the past, they were not technical.

During the O3GHSE training, I learned a lot that is why Im here with LNG projects. There is a great difference when one knows LNG compare to who does not. It is a great advantage when you know oil & gas, LNG before applying for a job and before facing the challenges at work as safety officer.

Thanks to your training center and hope you can help more people.” Edwin Bastida, Family Status, Saipem, Dubai, UAE (FSRU-LNG, FPSO) Class, Condensate

“I was one of your students last Sept. 2010 I am here now in Abu Dhabi, UAE hired as Sr. Safety Engineer for National Contracting Co. for transmission and power line projects. I was in ‘sales’ before, the training that you have given us is truly a big help to my employment.” – Norman dela Cruz, September 2010 (Class, Global Warmers)


“It has been my privilege to complete my course in your training center. The course was very educational and enjoyable, adding the great place of the training center. Now I understand the process ofoil and gas. Being a safety officer, knowing the hazards is one step, reducing the risk is another.”Arthem Molina (Embassy of Pakistan, Philippines)


“I can’t wait to go back and learn from you again.From enrolling in June with O3GHSE I got hired by Petrofac Emirates LLC as HSE Officer on September 26, 2010 and now they made me an HSSE Advisor. Can’t do it without all the important things I learned from O3GHSE. Thanks so much!” -Moses Mallo, 26 y/o, HSSE Advisor (Gasco-Ruwais), Abu Dhabi, UAE


“I would like to express myheartfelt gratitude to Engr. Dagal, I have learned a lot about the seminar despite the fact thatI have read some info re: Oil & Gas before. What a very interesting topic! I can still picture in my mind what have been shown especially the illustrations. I really think that I havegotten a lotof experience already just by listening to the seminar. Engr. Ronnie is an excellent lecturer! More Power To Engr. Ronnie and the whole of O3GHSE!” -Jessie E. Banno, HSE Officer, Al Wasit Roads Contracting, Dubai (Dubai participant)


“Many thanks Sir Ron for guiding us always and your full support in our job hunting! My training & skills given by your training center made my resume attractive whichopen thedoors for interviews and job opportunities. I owe this to O3GHSE and to you sir Ron!” – Momar Mundoc, 36 y/o, BS Computer Eng’g (Hired by Qatar Petroleum, earlier passed UAE’s NCC for power plant comp. as Safety Engr., & also passed Saudi Aramco as Safety Supvr.)


“We would like to congratulate Sir Ronnie for his wonderful successful presentation. We really appreciate his efforts despite of speaking continuously for nearly 12 hours, he delivered the training with such clarity, proficiency and authority that we never had attended and witnessed in decades. We could ran out of superlatives to describe what an awesome learning experience we have undertaken. He really is a gift, empowering and touching the lives of people significantly especially the OFWs.

For us, coming fr. Abu Dhabi to attend a training in Dubai (at least 160 kms. away fr. our location) at 7AM was tough, we have to wake up very early in the morning. Our journey starts at 5AM just to reach there on time. (Some attendees fr. Ruwais, 3-hrs travel to Dubai) We would like to share with you, it was all worth the effort, our group can attest to that. Despite, not coming from Safety and Oil & Gas background, we all feel like safety practitioners now, though we need to know more…2 thumbs up to Sir Ronnie in helping us to expand our territories through O3GHSE.” – Ravenal Policarpio, Sr. MEP Oger, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Participant, O3GHSE Dubai)

“Chasing a dream can be very tough, one needs a proper training from Engr. Ronnie & O3GHSE. We need to climb those dreams from the bottom and after several years of experience we can get what we want. Thank you very much Sir Ronnie, more power to O3GHSE!” – Chester Nicolas (AB Philosophy), O3GHSE Dubai participant. Accepted by Al Habtoor, UAE


Incidental meeting with participant Eriberto Garcia at Cassels Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Nov. 14, 2010): “Sir, when I learned BS Criminology graduates attending your course & landing a job in the oil and gas abroad, as an accounting graduate I thought of attending as well to find my luck. True enough, I was able to pass the interview and hired as well by SBM Offshore. I was surprise to meet you here in Abu Dhabi in the same hotel!” – Eriberto Garcia, BS Accounting (SBM, Abu Dhabi, UAE)


“Thank you O3GHSE I was one of your participants, I would like to inform you that I was promoted as HSE Manager last year (January 2011).  I am very grateful for having attended O3GHSE because those lessons that I learned from you were so useful to me and to my project as well. I am working with  Khurais Crude Contractor (KCC) under the umbrella of (SATORP) Saudi Aramco Total Refinery Project(JERP) Jubail Export Refinery Project-KSA. It’s a great honor to be one of your products.  Thanks Sir Ronnie.  May God bless your family and O3GHSE!” – Rechae Gepitulan, HSE Manager (KCC, Saudi Arabia), attended April 2010 (batch mate of Momar Mundoc, who was earlier hired by Qatar Petroleum)         *****************************

“Dear Ronnie, I’m happy to inform you that I recently joined APM Terminals at Onne, Nigeria as HSE Manager. I had to undergo a series of written assignments, phone interview, written test and finally an oral interview.

Ill be attending our regional HSE workshop at Oman, U.A.E in 2 weeks time. And you know, all of this would not have been possible without your encouragement and support. Thank you for being there for me.” – Killian Ikenna Ekuge, Nigerian participant,


“I would like to thank you personally & O3GHSE Training Center for the best efforts in teaching subject matters regarding safety jobs. It was very informative, a ‘MUST TAKE for HSE dreamers/aspirants’. For me it was a fruitful venture when I decided to take O3GHSE training as I was able to answer smartly the questions during interview. God bless you all.” – Narciso ‘Naser’ Escala, Al Habtoor, Dubai-UAE (3rd yr BSEE, new aspirant in Safety)

“Looks like what you are doing is new to Malaysia. There are many safety schools but I don’t think any were doing what you are doing.” – Salim Man, Safety Manager, Tioman Drilling Malaysia

“You were an amazing oil and gas lecturer, I learnt a lot just listening to you in class.” -Killian Ekuge,HSE Advisor, Nigeria


“I took a leap of faith after reviewing O3GHSE website to sign up for the training. On the first day of the program, I knew I was at the right place that offers what I needed for a career in oil & gas HSE. O3GHSE takes you from bottom up to advance level of hands-on HSE training and gives you the confidence you need to face your interview panel. To cap it all, Ronnie follows up with your job search, sends you links & openings as a total career development center. I’m happy I made the right choice.” – Emauwa Nelson, HSE Officer Seven Energy UQUO Gas Pipeline Proj, Nigeria

“To Sir Ronnie – It is an amazing experience being part of O3GHSE. The impact of your help, patience and determination are so significant. The training program has helped me a lot in my career, no doubt about it!!! I hope you know how much I value your hard work. Your close monitoring to my application and consistent follow up on the update boost my confidence!” Receiving a job offer from TAKREER (Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Refining Company) is indeed my pleasure and wouldn’t be possible without all your contributions and leads. It was O3GHSE that makes the path. Chief Ronnie thanks for the time you shared, your tips/ideas were all excellent! Thank you very much! – Juvie Bondoc Dela Cruz, BS Criminology passed Takreer-UAE as Asst HSE Director


“I could not believe it when I received a call from Houston asking me if I would be interested to work as a Safety Training Coordinator for one of their offshore rigs based in Thailand. They find the trainings that I have interesting and I was sent to Malaysia for an interview. Confidently I was able to answer the oral and written exam and got the job. I am grateful for the training, support and advice that I got from O3GHSE. At my young age I am enjoying an employment direct from the US on a senior position and on a 28/28 rotation. Hopefully I’ll be flying to Houston to for the STC (Safety Training Coordinators) Conference and meet the HSE Director this coming May. To the O3GHSE trainers, mentors and staff, thank you very much mabuhay po kayo at ang Batch 10.” – Czar Sofronio M. Acero, Offshore Drilling Comp based in Houston Texas, USA


Engr. Ronnie Dagal is one of the best trainors that I’ve met. He is the HSE Engineer in one of the biggest Oil and Gas Offshore Operation in Abu Dhabi. You’ll enjoy this training and will learn many many things about oil and gas industry (Safety and Operation). – Sherwyn Pasamba, HSE Advisor, Fluor Arabia


I would like to thank you personally for the great knowledge you shared to me and my batch mates. I was accepted and been working for a month now with Jubail Energy Services Company (JESCO), Saudi Arabia. I am assigned in the water treatment as operator. I could say this is a blessing considering my previous job as production planner in an electronic company. – Kent Gloria, Jubail Energy Services Comp, KSA

“I am happy to inform you that I am joiningDubai Natural Gas as “Safety Supervisor”in two months time after few weeks of waiting and a series of interviews. I will be responsible for Safety, Health, Environment and Security in Dugas. A very good challenge for me.

Thank you for the support and motivation you have given me prior to Dugas interview. O3GHSE training really helps a lot specially for a person like me of Manufacturing background. This gives me the guts and confidence to join Oil and Gas Industry and be better than the rest of the applicants for the position.

Also, thank you for encouraging me in April 2008 to attend the course. Rest is history.” – Dante Calapatia, Dubai Natural Gas (Dubai), UAE Head of Safety


“Sir, I will be joining Becthel and Namkwang International Engineering & Construction, LDA and Soyo Luanda, Angola Africa as Safety Officer in the LNG project. I’m leaving thisOctober 10, 2009. Thank you for teaching us and helping us in so many,many ways. I’ll be seeing you when I get back after 1 year. Thanks and more power!” – Roweldo Toledana, former Security Officer, Qatar


I would like to extend my deep gratitude for the continual support and knowledge you shared with us. It gave me more know-how in oil and gas industry, not to mention the techniques youve taught us. It was really “Interviewer’s butt kicking”. I wasn’t expecting a higher position but because of your assistance, I was able to show them how deserving I am. They offered me an HSE Manager position instead of HSE Engineer. At first I dont want to accept it coz I wasn’t ready yet for a big responsibility at my young age (30). Good and comprehensive benefits are awaiting me and my family on Sept 2009. Again thank you and GOD SPEED!!

Joel Cadiang, HSE Manager, Abdullah Hashim Gases & Industrial Equipment, KSA


Good news! I got a job in Total ABK Offshore oil & gas field Abu Dhabi, UAEas HSE Advisor & will mobilize on 13th June ’09.

So, this is another testament that O3G HSE Training Center is producing quality HSE Engineers for oil & gas industry – Clemente Domingo, (Batch 10) May 25-30, 2009


Thanks a lot for the training. I was promoted from Medic to Safety Training Coordinator.Our HSE Mgr and Rig Supt interviewed me last June 1, 2009 and after a week they phoned and announced in our Monthly Safety Meeting with all the Rig 174 Crew, that I am promoted already. Again, thanks for the help, experiences and trainings. More power to O3G!-Mervin T Mangahis, BSN, Safety Training Coordinator , Weatherford Drilling Int’l KSA


“Thanks a lot for your support. The training that I had with O3GHSE was a great asset to my career and a good help in my last interview with Worley especially the risk assessment..
Thanks once again and may God bless you always.” – Patrick Muga, Senior Project Engr, Worley Parsons, Malaysia


“Thank you O3GHSE! The knowledge and experience you shared during the training gave me confidence. I am now a productive member of the HSE team of Stanley Consultants Inc. here in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I appreciate the information and advice you have provided, and the contacts you have shared with me and all the trainees. More power to you and O3GHSE. God Bless.” – Mike Manigbas, Stanley Consultants Safety Inspector, BS Nursing


I am very thankful to O3GHSE! I got hired by Kentz Engrs & Constructors, Qatar as Instrumentation Technician. The 5-day oil & gas HSE course got the employers interested on me. I was very confident during the interview and they were impressed with how I answered.

Jaime Dalag, Jr., BSECE, Instrumentation Technician, Kentz Engineers & Constructors, Qatar


“Thank you so much to O3GHSE Training Center.I could not have been accepted by Saudi Aramco without your training. I really treasure the knowledge and skills I gained from you not to mention all the oil and gas HSE secrets you have shared. Maraming salamat po sa lahat…Batch Siete…Good luck..kaya natin to!” – Michael Catan, Safety Engr-Saudi Aramco, Advance Polypropylene Comp.


“Sir, thank you for the emails you sent me regarding company hiring for a safety officer, i just want to inform you sir that i was already selected as Safety Officer in Angola, my employer Saipem/GPS. I sent my CV thru email and the Safety Manager fortunately selected me.Sir the training and the certificate that I’ve got from your training school helped me a lot. Again, thank you and regards.” – Fernan Gomez, Safety Officer Saipem-GPS Angola

“Thank you very much Sir, your training was really helpful to me, especially during the job interview & when somebody here is measuring my knowledge and experience, I can discuss with them what I learned from you. More power to you and O3GHSE O&G.” – Sherwyn Pasamba, HSE Advisor-Fluor Arabia

“I learned a lot from O3GHSE O&G, unlike when I attended another training center here in the Philippines that charged me more. I will definitely recommend your training center to our kababayans.” – Rady De Regala, Arabian Drilling Workover Co.

“I recommend this training center to all Filipinos who are interested to work in the oil and gas industry. More power and Mabuhay!” – Kim Rico, Wireline Maintenance, Baker Hughes

“Mabuhay ka at ang iyong grupo. Mabuti ginamit ninyo ang inyong expertise na natutuhan sa abroad, para makatulong sa ating mga kababayan,at maipakilala ang ating kakayahan sa buong mundo, in the field of oil& gas industry HSE. Hope for your company success. Congratulations!” – Pancho Robles, Japan Vietnam Petroleum Co.

“Thank you so much for the new skills and knowledge I had gained, marami po talagang natutunan. Hindi po ako nanghihinayang sa panahon na inubos ko dyan, I will treasure it forever. God Bless and mabuhay ang O3GHSE!” – Jojo Andino, 47 y/o, Safety Officer , BS Criminology (Accepted in Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait) Now HSE Manager in Saipem, Qatar.
“O3GHSE is one of the best when it comes in safety in the oil and gas industry and the learning experience here is good and quality.  If you want to know the secrets in going to oil and gas industy go to O3GHSE! Thanks to Sir Ronnie in teaching us with regards on safety.  The important thing is the O3GHSE certificate is superb when you apply in the oil and gas industry!” – Jan Ingal, recently hired as Review Engineer by ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia.  Class Gas Blanket, BMSE, Holy Angel University. Hired in January 2014.
“I passed early on the stringent interview in Gogas (one of the contractors of Adnoc Group of Companies, UAE) but unfortunately I did not accept their offer. But here’s one again… (Can’t stop the o3ghse graduate). I could not believe that one of the biggest companies in the Middle East will call me for an interview via Skype and take note they need either Mechanical Engineer or Chemical Engineer but they selected me after 1 hour of interview (2 Americans/British) despite that I’m not that kind of engineer. The offer is very nice… Family Status (My wife and up to 2 siblings), Medical Insurance and many more… “Isa palang anak ko.” Hehe. (Though I have only one child as of now.) –  Mark Anthony Rufinta, Pangasinan State University, 33 y/o

Nov. 10, 2014: “Dear Sir. First of all, Thanks & Glory be to God for all the blessings. I am a living example of “CAREER CHANGE.” Thanks Sir Ronnie for making my goals achievable. In a span of less than 2 months after the 5-day IOGHSE training, I was able to pass the face-to-face interview of SABIC representatives here at Manila, even my co-applicants/contemporaries who attended safety training in other training centers here in the Philippines were impressed with me. They kept on asking me how did I make it especially the 6-digits salary (in Php) whereas I am a FIRST TIMER in Saudi Arabia. I simply advise them go to O3GHSE to learn from them all the knowledge I have in terms of HSE in Oil&Gas/Petrochemical industry. I will start my new career this November and I would like to encourage and advise each individuals who wishes to have a Career Shift / Career Change to take the 5-day IOGHSE training at O3GHSE O&G training center. Long live!

(Nov. 2014) Frank Semilla is hired as Safety Supervisor for Saudi Aramco. He is assigned at GOSP, Dhahran. BSME, Univ. of Cebu.Class Coalescer

“The knowledge that will one gain in O3GHSE O&G training is hundred times better than any international oil and gas training provider. The value of our training is proven by our participants who passed the stringent oil and gas interview overseas.” – Ronnie Dagal, CEO

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