Our CEO/Trainor (Oil and Gas, Gas Liquefaction and Sulphur Recovery) SUCCESSFULLY PASSED THE “ISO 14001 LEAD AUDITOR” Live Presentation in CANADA.
Given by PECB-CANADA (11th of December 2018, 9.58pm, Philippine time)

O3GHSE O&G Training Center, Philippines
★We are now a training partner of Professional Evaluation and Certification Board [PECB], Canada [#47852]

In partnership with the Mapua University and Epsilon Skills Academy-Johor Bahru, Malaysia – Nebosh IGC #1298

Recently passed the ‘TRAIN THE TRAINER’ international online examination given by the Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB), Canada. (November 6, 2018)

Our training courses can be applied for “Self-Directed / Life Long Learning” which in turn can be applied for CPD points (Continuing Professional Development )

“We have more graduates that joined the oil and gas industry abroad than any local petroleum engineering school.”


The knowledge that one will gain in O3GHSE O&G training is  hundred times better than any international oil and gas training provider. The value of our training is proven by our participants who passed the stringent oil and gas interview overseas. – Ronnie Dagal, CEO (The only licensed Mechanical Engineer/Safety Engineer with Oil and Gas Production certificate issued by BWC-DOLE)

An oil and gas training center which is a combination of heart, soul & experience where we convert theory into practice.– Engr. Ronnie Dagal, CEO

The only training center with an exclusive array of equipment (BW multi-gas detectors, personal H2S gas detectors, life saving equipment e.g., 15-min PP Draeger EEBD, Draeger Mask up to 5000 ppm H2S, Sabre hood type EEBD 15-min., official fire proof coveralls, official hard hats, etc.) used in the oil and gas platform installation & gas liquefaction (LNG) plant.

Learn the HSE techniques and join the  oil and gas industry (including Shale Oil and Shale Gas)…Get qualified for positions either as HSE Engr, HSE Officer, HSE Advisor, Safety Manager, Loss Prevention Officer, Safety Engr, Safety Officer, Safety Supervisor, Barge Safety Officer, Safety and Loss Prevention Officer, Safety and Loss Prevention Engr, Barge Safety Representative, Safety Specialist, Rig Safety Inspector, HSE Training Superintendent, Field Safety Engr, Permit to Work Coordinator, Construction Foreman, Mechanical & Electrical Foreman, Warehouse Supervisor and even as Field Engr or Project Engr for Oil and Gas companies, Gas Liquefaction Plant, Oil & Gas Drilling companies or major contractors (EPC) anywhere in the world. We offer special courses which are a great plus to professionals, young engineering graduates as well as college undergraduates  who wish to pursue a career in the oil and gas worldwide.

WARNING: The old www.o3ghse.com is no longer the official website of O3GHSE O&G.

Someone hacked o3ghse@yahoo.com and we cannot access it since Feb 17, 2015. We cannot even access our website for updates and changes. Someone changed the password without authority. Our new official e-mail address is: o3ghseoilandgas@yahoo.com

ADVISORY: “Prospective applicants or students are hereby advised to carefully examine the credentials and competence of other fly-by-night entities or persons operating training schools for oil and gas in the Philippines. Our establishment is the pioneer in oil and gas training in the country manned by owner/instructor and personnel with many years of experience in oil and gas production & explorations in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North Africa.”

Who Can Attend Our Training?

A. Career Shifts to Oil & Gas (HSE) Safety, Health & Environment
B. Senior engineering/college students, eng’g grads, licensed engrs, professionals, any course
C. Oil & gas personnel, EPC workers, OFWs, ex-OFWs, new aspirants, etc.
D. Preparing for job interview for oil & gas comps. EPCs or career development
E. Local Occupational Safety Trainors and Environmental Specialist, Trainors
F. Educators, Engineering instructors especially BSME, BS Ch.E, BS Chem., PMEs, PEEs,

Learn the Oil and Gas Process, Risk and Associated Risk and Technical Terminologies

Process and terminologies. Associated gas, Unassociated gas, LNG, Non-HC, Stabilized crude, oil sands, tar sands, Orimulsion, shale oil, shale gas, condensate/NGLs (Process), Gas Gathering Platform, Water injection, Gas Injection, Dewpointing, Cricondentherm, DHSV, SSSV, Cold Box, X-Tree, NASA, HCL, Corrosion Inhibitor, Scale Inhibitors, Secondary Recovery, Enhanced Recovery, HCL, MRU, SRU, NRU, DHNG, Thermogenic Gas, Marsh gas, Vaporized Gas, Biogenic Gas, Gas to Gas Cooling, Dehydration Process utilizing liquid desiccant, solid desiccant, JT valves, Liquid MCR, Cascade Method, AP-X, DMR, SMR, Prico, Sorbeads, Alum Mg, Alum Oxide (Al2O3), Activated Carbon, Avon, RR, WHB, Frame 5, TiO2, Diethanolamine, Reboilers, Absorber Towers, Regenerator Towers, Ångstrom, Adsorption, Flash Drums, Reflux drums, Surge Drums, Relief to Flare, Flares, Liquid Flares, Double Block and Bleed, Condensate, Heavies, Fractionation, Tail Gas, Dry Gas, Flash Gas, Wet Gas, Feed Gas, Residue Gas, Gas Drier, Acid Gas, Claus, Potassium Carbonate, DEA, Gas Scrubbers, Climate Change issues e/.g. global warming & effects, latest techniques applied by the oil companies in reducing carbon emission, Copenhagen Accord, Kyoto Protocol, Montreal Protocol, Kigali Accord, Eutrophication & Acidification, COP, CMP, Ozone Depletion, NOx, MMBOPD, MMSCFD, TPH, Analyzer House, Coanda Flares, Chromatography, Benzene, Radionuclides, Zeolites, Mercury, methane clathrates, Hydrogen Induced Cracking, Chloride Stress, Flare Handling Emission Reduction, Corrosion Cracking, Hydrogen Management, Benfield HiPure, COS, Fractionation Towers, API separator, API & °API, carcinogens in the oil and gas industry, Regassification, Gasification, Rapid phase transition, natural gasoline, lease condensate, distillation, fractional distillation, gas dryer, gas dehydration, liquid dryer, Electro-chlorination in the CPP/GOSP/CDS, etc… these are all included in the 5-day Int’l Oil & Gas HSE.

We have trained instructors/trainers, Petro-physicist, Faculty instructors, HSE Engineers & Regulators from Riyadh Polytechnic Institute (Laureate International Universities), Saudi Arabia, MIT, Talisman Energy Inc. (Canada) JV with Petronas (Malaysia) & Petro-Vietnam and by the Dept. Of Energy, respectively.

Our trainors are well versed in the implementation of OHSAS 18001. They have valuable knowledge in HSE theories and models gained through first hand, genuine experiences while working for oil and gas companies. O3G guides and prepares you for a career in HSE, through our well-prepared modules which include the many secrets involved in the field of HSE as well as the practical guidelines on the theories’ applications.

Our trainors are well versed in the transition from OHSAS 18001 to the new OHSMS ISO 45001 which is process based. They possessed valuable knowledge in OH&S theories and models gained through first hand, genuine experiences while working for oil and gas companies. O3GHSE O&G guides and prepares you for a career in HSE, through our well-prepared modules which include the many secrets involved in the field of HSE as well as the practical guidelines on the theories’ applications. Trainors use REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES on enforcing safety in O&G for the participants to gain a cutting-edge in their HSE practice. Lectures include insights into the latest HSE practices as well as an examination or exercise at the end of the 5-day course designed to help participants and trainor check if they have achieved the modules learning objective.

STANDBY FIREWATCH COURSE attended by participants from Dynamic Industries Inc., a major contractor of Chevron-Angola

All O3GHSE O&G trainees are given top priorities by the following recruitment companies:

Trusted by Riyadh Polytechnic Institute (Laureate International Universities), Saudi Arabia & Dept. Of Energy Inc. (Canada) JV with Petronas (Malaysia) & Petro-Vietnam and by the Dept. Of Energy